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Saudi Arabia’s crown prince was implicated in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but since the Biden administration recommended he get immunity, the lawsuit brought before a federal court was dismissed.

DC District Court Judge John Bates decided that since Prince Mohammed bin Salman holds a title of prime minister, he is “entitled to head of state immunity” and the case was dismissed despite the judges “uneasiness.”

In the Judges written opinion, his uneasiness was not only because of the alleged involvement in the murder but also the timing of the crown prince’s appointment to the technical head of government as prime minister which can be seen as a ploy by Saudi Arabia’s government to ensure immunity from the lawsuit.

Judge Bates addressed the “suspicious timing” of his appointment to prime minister because before the lawsuit the King of Saudi Arabia was also the prime minister.

“A contextualized look at the [Saudi] Royal Order thus suggests that it was not motivated by a desire for bin Salman to be the head of government, but instead to shield him from potential liability in this case,” he said.

The judge also disked the lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds for two other aides of the crown prince, Saud al-Qahtani and Ahmed al-Assiri. According to the Treasury Department, Assiri was the deputy head of Saudi intelligence and “was the ringleader of the operation and coordinated with Saud al-Qahtani to organize and dispatch the 15-man team to murder and dismember Khashoggi.”

Biden’s State Department also recommended that he be granted immunity as the “unbroken practice” is to grant immunity to all foreign heads of government.

According to State Department deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel, “The United States has consistently, and across administrations, applied these principles to heads of state, heads of government and foreign ministers while they are in office. This is an unbroken practice, and it is also something that we expect others to affront to the United States as well.”

According to Judge Bates, if the Biden administration did not recommend immunity then he would have considered hearing arguments in the lawsuit.

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