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OutKick founder Clay Travis slammed New York City officials on ‘Fox & Friends’ Wednesday for keeping vaccine mandates in place despite the shots not preventing people from getting or spreading the virus. Travis responded to NBA star Kyrie Irving’s latest criticism of vaccine mandates as New York City plans to end the requirement for private employers. PRESIDENT BIDEN DECLARES THAT THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC ‘IS OVER’ WEEKS BEFORE THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS CLAY TRAVIS: It’s not just New York City, I’m going to keep hammering this because it is so incredibly frustrating to me. He’s 100% right about New York City. But here’s the reality: military, teachers, so many federal employees, so many private sector employees were fired as well, all for COVID shots that they told us would prevent you from getting or spreading COVID. That’s now not true. Effectively, in my opinion, these COVID shots are like used cars. They didn’t work. We have lemon laws everywhere. The American taxpayer has enriched Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.  I give credit to Kyrie Irving, Novak Djokovic, and to Aaron Rodgers, players in different leagues who have all stood up against these mandates. But the American taxpayer deserves to get back all of the profits from these shots. And what should happen, in my opinion, everyone in the military, everyone who lost their jobs for refusing, all those teachers, and everyone who lost their jobs for refusing to get the COVID shot

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