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OBERLIN, OH- Get woke, go broke. Such is the lesson learned by Oberlin College in Ohio, which was slammed with a judgment this week in a defamation suit brought by a local bakery, which resulted in a judgment of $36.59 million against the woke college.

The college has decided to forego a further appeal and “has initiated payment in full of the $36.59 million judgment in the Gibson’s Bakery case,” Legal Insurrection reported.

The lawsuit stems from a 2016 case where three black students were caught shoplifting at the store and then flipped the race card, claiming they were “racially profiled” by the bakery. Without so much as an investigation, the college sided with the three black students and began a campaign of slandering the business and its owners.

According to the New York Post, the Ohio Supreme Court last month denied a request to hear the college’s appeal of the 2019 jury verdict, which determined the college had defamed the bakery when a school staffer composed flyers which claimed the bakery had a history of racial profiling.

Thursday, the college’s Board of Trustees announced in a statement they would no longer pursue the matter.

We are disappointed by the Court’s decision. However this does not diminish our respect for the law and the integrity of our legal system,” the statement said.

They further said they had  initiated payment and were seeking bank information from the bakery to pay the damages and interest.

“This matter has been painful for everyone. We hope that the end of the litigation will begin the healing of our entire community,” the statement continued.

Last week, bakery owner Lorna Gibson told The Post that the family’s lives had been “turned upside down” on the night of the shoplifting turned robbery after the three students—Jonathan Aladin, Endia Lawrence and Cecelia Whettstone—beat up her son Allyn Gibson after being confronted for stealing and then turned the tables by telling police that it was Allyn who had racially profiled and assaulted them.

The incident began, according to court papers, when one of the three thieves used a fake ID to by a bottle of wine while lifting two more bottles.

Allyn, who is white, pursued the shoplifters out of the store, where a scuffle soon ensued between him and the three miscreants.

As is typical, the arrest of the three and ensuing false allegations resulted in the college community of snowflakes to take to picketing outside the bakery, joined by the woke faculty, calling the owners white supremacists.

Moreover one college staffer created a flyer which claimed “LONG ACCOUNT of RACIAL PROFILING and DISCRIMINATION,” while urging a boycott of the shop.

Typically, the students later copped to the fact they were not racially profiled and pleaded guilty to charges of attempted theft. However, the damage had already been done.

“We felt that we had no choice other than filing a lawsuit against Oberlin…because David’s 89-year-old father, who had dedicated his life to the business, did not want to  die being falsely branded a racist,” Gibson said in the essay. “Calling us racists wasn’t just wrong, it was deeply painful to our core.”

However as noted, the damage was done, with the business suffering from a significant downturn in business, primarily because it has previously held catering accounts with the college. They were forced to layoff half their staff, while cutting down their operating hours.

Sadly, David died of cancer in 2019, however had made his wife give her word she would keep the doors to the business open.

“’Just keep the doors open, no matter what,’” Lorna quoted her husband as saying. “He gave his life for the store, and I promised him that I would do everything I could to honor his final wish.”

David’s father also died earlier this year, Gibson said.

At the time she filed the lawsuit, Gibson was just fighting for the survival of the business and said she didn’t want the money for herself but rather to keep the business alive.

“If I got the money from the college, I wouldn’t buy a house, or go on vacation, or leave Ohio,” she said.

“I would replace the compressors for the refrigerators and replace the fryers and proofers that we use for our dough. I would pay off the mortgages on my properties that I’ve taken out in the past few years. I’d hire back employees and ramp up production.”

Gibson’s attorney, Owen Rarric, told The Post:

“As the truth prevailed and the Gibsons were vindicated, they can now rebuild their 137-year-old family business and continue to serve their cherished community.”

Legal Insurrection noted they had followed the case closely, reporting they had been covering the case since November 2016, and were the only national outlet with a reporter in the courtroom every day of the trial.

In fact, they wrote that at one point during the trial, the college actually attempted to subpoena their records, seeking access to journalist communications. Legal Insurrection challenged the subpoena and Oberlin withdrew their subpoena.

The statement Oberlin issued was stark in one detail…they never issued an apology for their slander of this family business, with zero evidence to support that slander. That attitude, one of the college being the victim rather than swallowing their pride and admitting they were wrong was evident in a mass email sent by the college’s president to the Oberlin community:

Dear Obies,

Today, Oberlin College and Conservatory initiated payment in full of the $36.59 million judgment in the Gibson’s Bakery case, an amount that represents the awarded damages and interest owed. Please see the college’s public statement below.

While this outcome is a disappointment, our financial plans for this possibility, which included insurance coverage, mean that this payment will not impact or diminish our academic or student life experience, or require us to draw down Oberlin’s endowment.

Like me, the majority of the campus was not here at the beginning of this matter in 2016. But it is also true that this case has been difficult for all of us who love this institution and its hometown. I am looking forward to all that is ahead, and remain focused on Oberlin’s core mission of providing a truly excellent liberal arts and musical education.

Carmen Twillie Ambar


“Our financial plans for this possibility.” In other words, we aren’t going to apologize for destroying this family’s business…the judgment is just a cost of doing business.

Despite the incident, the Gibson’s are not bitter and in fact Lorna Gibson said through Rarric that they would welcome the Oberlin College community in their store.

In a statement sent to Legal Insurrection, Rarric said:

We are happy to hear that full payment is forthcoming, allowing the 137-year-old Gibson’s Bakery to move forward continuing to serve its community. David Gibson was always hopeful that the family bakery’s relationship with Oberlin College could one day be restored. Though he was not able to see that day come to pass, is widow Lorna Gibson continues to say: “Oberlin College faculty, staff and students have always been, and will always be, welcome to our store.” To that end, Lorna is willing to meet with President Ambar and her senior staff to discuss resumption of a long-term relationship whenever the College feels appropriate.

Hopefully this brings an end to a sad chapter for the Gibson family.

For more on woke universities, we invite you to read our piece about a protest planned for an appearance by conservative Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire.


This article contains editorial content by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today


SUPERIOR, WI – Free speech for me but not for thee. It could be the motto of every quasher of divergent opinions everywhere, but especially on American university campuses.

Lectures by visiting speakers are supposed to introduce a range of opinions to those seeking knowledge and they used to work just fine not too long ago.

Until a far-left notion that censoring another person’s speech, thoughts and opinions was somehow noble and, in fact, necessary in the defense of democracy.


So when conservative political commentator Matt Walsh was invited to speak at the University of Wisconsin-Superior this past week, students got to work trying to silence him, or at least move his lecture off campus.

Aiding students in their goal to censor another human being were administrators with the university’s Gender Equity Resource Center.

The group held a strategy session, titled “Engaging in Civil Discourse,” during which university administrators and students planned how to protest the event and what to do if the scene turned violent.

Officials and students can be seen on video obtained by Young America’s Foundation, which sponsored the lecture, trying to determine if they could move Walsh’s talk off campus.

As a commentator for the Daily Wire who frequently speaks about hot-button topics such as abortion and gender ideology, Walsh is a target of those on the left who feel his words threaten their existence. One student said during the session:

“This has become one of the most exhausting experiences of my entire life. It is exhausting.”


A speech lasting less than an hour so broke this student’s spirit that he would pay, he said, “thousands of dollars” to go to another school rather than attend a university that would allow Walsh to speak. It has not been determined if the student withdrew from UW-Superior to attend a more liberal place of learning.

Another student at the pre-lecture session could be heard on the video saying the talk would feel less “targeted” if it were held off-campus.

Likely to these and other fragile students’ dismay, the April 27 lecture stayed on-campus and Walsh spoke to a full house. UW-Superior police were on call but only a handful of protesters were observed outside the lecture hall.

In the video, a staff member with the Gender Equity Resource Center asked students if they had any questions about their protest plans and gave tips on conducting a peaceful protest. YAF reported:

“One administrator encourages protestors to ‘sit down’ if there are threats against them, to draw a scene and cause police to come and assist.” 

The student who was emotionally exhausted by Walsh coming to the campus said that while the university does care about marginalized students, it seemed to be going against its own ideals by allowing differing opinions to be said out loud, in public, without shame.

He seemed to equate differing stances on issues with being a practioner of the “-isms” that destroy a person’s professional and personal reputations, justly or unjustly. He said:

“It is exhausting, with racism, homophobia, transphobia, and nobody cares.”

He said that while the university:

“genuinely. . . want[s] to block hatred toward the students here, but these actions reflect that you want hatred. And we will continue feeling marginalized on this campus.” 


Another student agreed, telling the administrators:

“Actions speak louder than words.” 

Another student said they have been “misgendered” and the experience has been “exhausting” and “devastating.”

The shaken student added:

“I would rather just have a safe space.” 

Students started a petition to persuade UWS administrators to relocate the event off campus.

The petition reads:

It has come to our attention that the University of Wisconsin Superior is hosting extremist, right-wing individual Matt Walsh to come speak on campus. Matt Walsh has repeatedly targeted Transgender individuals, First Nations Communities, women, and other BIPOC individuals.

After consulting with higher ed administration, we have been told that they “cannot do anything” in canceling or relocating the event off of campus due to ‘freedom of speech.’ 

However, we are aware that ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not condone hate speech and does not come without consequences. We are asking folks to sign this petition in support of our goal to move this event off of our campus and to show solidarity with the above-mentioned communities.

The organizers give no examples of “hate speech” uttered by Walsh. The petition collected 188 signatures before it became a moot exercise in censorship.

Triggered by conservative speaker, Yale Law students yell ‘I will literally fight you, b—h’ during bipartisan panel

March 19, 2022

NEW HAVEN, CT – Students at Yale Law School verbally attacked campus speakers discussing bipartisan issues – and now people are outraged.  Officials say 120 law students broke up the event by waving signs and yelling.

Kristen Waggoner from Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and Monica Miller with the progressive American Humanist Association were on campus to participate in a panel discussion hosted by the Federalist Society.

The event set to take place on March 10 was an attempt to examine how a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian could coexist and have mutual understanding on free speech.

According to the Yale Federalist Society website,

“The Federalist Society at Yale Law School is committed to encouraging open and honest debate on the fundamental legal issues of our day.

We provide a wide range of programs open to our members and to the Yale Law School community, including speakers, debates, and social events.”

However, the Yale Law students were not in agreement with the Federalist Society’s policies or the speakers in attendance.

The panel discussion was meant to lead a peaceful exchange regarding the Supreme Court case, Uzuegbunam v. Preczewski.

The case involved a Georgia Gwinnett College student, Chike Uzuegbunam, who claimed he was prevented from expressing his faith and sharing information about Christianity.

Uzuegbunam was stopped by campus police in 2016 from sharing his faith. He was told to apply for a reservation to speak on a designated “speech zone” on campus.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote:

“But when Uzuegbunam obtained the required permit and tried to speak in a free speech zone, a campus police officer again asked him to stop, this time saying that people had complained about his speech. 

Campus policy at that time prohibited using the free speech zone to say anything that “disturbs the peace and/or comfort of person(s).”

The officer told Uzuegbunam that his speech violated campus policy because it had led to complaints, and the officer threatened Uzuegbunam with disciplinary action if he continued.”

The moderator of the panel, professor Kate Stith, had to pause the discussion due to one student shouting, “I will literally fight you, b—-!”

The professor was captured in a video scolding the law student saying:

“Come on, grow up… you’re disrupting the free speech here.

The students yelled back, responding that they had the right to interrupt the panel discussion.

According to the Yale University policy of free expression,

“When Yale or its members host outside speakers, they are also generally free to express their views, even if unpopular or controversial.

Dissenting members of the community may protest and express disagreement, but they may not interfere with a speaker’s ability to speak or attendees’ ability to attend, listen and hear.”

Ellen Cosgrove, Yale Law School Associate Dean, who was present during the event, did not intervene regardless of the violation of school policies that was taking place.

Police escorted the speakers safely out of the building.

Yale Daily News reported that a letter was signed by students stating,

“Understandably, a large swath of [Yale Law School] students felt that [the Federalist Society’s] decision to lend legitimacy to this hate group by inviting its general counsel to speak at [Yale Law School] profoundly undermined our community’s values of equity and inclusivity at a time when LGBTQ youth are actively under attack in Texas, Florida, and other states,” 

… Even with all of the privilege afforded to us at YLS, the decision to allow police officers in as a response to the protest put YLS’ queer student body at risk of harm.”

A letter was then sent to the Yale deans regarding the students upset at the police presence saying,

“We urge YLS to change any policies or practices that invite police officers onto our campus in response to peaceful student protests.

We also ask that the administration, in collaboration with students, work to build explicit policy that such a response is unwarranted, regardless of who summons police officers.”

One of the speakers, Waggoner remarked to the Yale Daily News,

 “Future lawyers should have the critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, humility, and maturity to engage with ideas and legal principles that they may disagree with.”

“Unfortunately, some students who attended the Federalist Society event refused to allow others to speak and acted in an aggressive and hostile manner towards me, Professor Kate Stith, and Monica Miller from the American Humanist Association.”

In response to these events, Judge Lawrence Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in an email to his colleagues that,

“The latest events at Yale Law School, in which students attempted to shout down speakers participating in a panel discussion on free speech, prompt me to suggest that students who are identified as those willing to disrupt any such panel discussion should be noted.”

While Yale Law students chanted “This is free speech,” they failed to remember that free speech means free speech for all.

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