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Well, as you likely know by now, Joe Biden once again has tested positive for COVID. That’s right, the guy who is double vaccinated, and double boosted has gotten a double dose of COVID… that seems fitting, doesn’t it? Biden announced this weekend that he’s back on “lockdown” and will be working from home. And even after all this vaccine rubbish and foolishness, Joe is still booting patriots out of our military who don’t want to take this useless shot. Trust the “sCiEnCe” right? It’s anyone’s guess how Joe will weather through this second bout of the Rona, we all know how weak and frail he is.

Here’s Joe’s tweet announcing he has COVID again:

And this brings me to President Trump’s “Get Well” wish for Joe Biden, which is one for the record books. President Trump trolled Joe by suggesting doctors misdiagnosed his COVID and that he actually has dementia (is he wrong?)… and then President Trump also managed to throw in “election fraud” too. It was quite a work of art.

It’s savage and clever, and spot on.

Here’s a close-up of Trump’s Truth post:


Joe Biden tested positive on Saturday for COVID, and on Sunday, as well. I think this tweet is really fitting.

Testing positive for COVID is the only thing Joe Biden is good at.

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