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President Trump released some more Truth messages this morning in response to the far-left and corrupt Democrats’ efforts to associate President Trump with sedition.

President Trump shared some more Truths about the corrupt Jan 6 kangaroo court and the ‘crazed’ Democrats in general.  The same people that used the corrupt Russia collusion nightmare that we now know was created by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are after him still.  These people are sick from TDS.

President Trump praised Texas as the state with the courage to disavow the national vote for Joe Biden as President based on much research and examination of the 2020 Election.

President Trump again asks why the Jan 6 Committee won’t look into the stolen 2020 Election which was the real sedition in 2020.

President Trump is right.

The post Same “Sick” People Each Time. I Guess It Must Be “Trump Derangement Syndrome” – President Trump on “Crazed” Democrats appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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