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Hollywood has been pretty hit-and-miss lately. They got something right with the Top Gun sequel, and they managed to ruin a childhood favorite with the final installment in the Jurassic World trilogy. But we were still waiting to see how Disney’s new woke Lightyear film was going to do after the LGBTQ+ employees took over the company and instituted their not-so-secret gay agenda.

Well, it didn’t go over well. Whether it was a rejection of the entire Disney corporation for the new uber-woke line they’ve been pushing or simply a rejection of the lesbian kiss they’ve been shoving in everyone’s face, movie-goers weren’t having it. And on a weekend that should have seen father’s across the country taking little Jimmy and Sally to the movies, families found better ways to spend their valuable family time.

Captain Asshat Chris Evans Called Americans WHAT? Lightyear FAILED | Louder with Crowder

Yes, the weekend saw Disney’s Lightyear failing to beat out the lackluster Jurassic World and barely squeaking by to beat out Top Gun: Maverick, which has been in theatres for nearly a month!

Whether this catastrophic showing will do anything to hamper the desires of woke Disney employees from inserting more and more LGBTQ+ characters and stories into their products has yet to be seen. Suffice it to say that if anyone over there had any sense at all, they’d have to be looking at the numbers and knowing that this kind of performance is unsustainable if the company is to survive.

Then again, just a couple of months ago, the CEO of Disney was crawling on his hands and knees (metaphorically) begging (literally) his woke employees to forgive him, and at the same time, Disney stock was dropping like a lead balloon.

Get woke, go broke! Time and again, these words are proven true. When will these idiots learn?

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