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Good Lord, I have never been so sick of hearing one person tell me that there was no voter fraud…


How on earth does Bill Barr, a guy who hasn’t lifted a sausage finger to investigate “voter fraud,” have any right or claim to speak about “voter fraud” with such finality?

I’ll tell you how — because Bill Barr is what we like to call “controlled opposition.”

This is a very powerful weapon the bad guys use to squash anything they deem dangerous.

They simply trot out a powerful figure who everyone thinks is on the “right” and who was portrayed as a “Trump ally,” and have him debunk the story.

They do this with Fox News all the time. It gives unbelievable “credibility” to their lies.

And that’s what they’re doing with Bill Carr… the former #1 law guy in all the land… So, of course, he’d KNOW if there was fraud or not, right?


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Let’s pretend Bill Barr is just some innocent guy and not a stooge for the Deep State… there’s no way he’d know anything about the 2020 election because it would take years to investigate, and countless experts would chime in and review tons of data.

To investigate the 2020 election fully would be an undertaking like we’ve never seen before… and nobody has even scratched the surface of that… But the very little some have scratched, shows there was likely a crap ton of fraud.

So, has Bill done any serious investigating or led any teams who are investigating?


And that’s why his constant claims are so f**ing annoying.

So, today, when I came upon this meme artist who goes by Apoctoz and his latest work on Bill Barr and his “election fraud research,” I knew I had to share it with you.


It not only made me laugh, but it’s so absurdly true.


That gif is just pure gold! 

I really love our meme artists and always like to highlight and support them.

I’d encourage you to follow Apoctoz here on Twitter, and on Truth you can follow him here: @Apoctoz1

And don’t forget, there’s a reason why poll after poll shows the majority of American people believe that cheating impacted the 2020 election.

You can’t introduce an unprecedented tsunami of (illegal) mail-in ballots and ballot boxes and expect that everything will just run smoothly and fairly.


Honestly, you’d have to be a huge tub of stupid goo to think that way… and I guess that’s exactly what Bill Barr is — either that, or he’s a Deep State operative and always has been.

Maybe it’s a lot of both?

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