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President Trump shared another Truth about Bill Barr the scared and corrupt former Attorney General who did nothing about the criminals in the DOJ and FBI who attempted a coup of President Trump and then stole the 2020 Election. 

President Trump went off on corrupt dirty cop Bill Barr tonight in a Truth.

Barr ignored the criminal Mueller sham investigation that was a coup of the Trump Presidency.  These seditionists walk free to this day.  Then Barr ignored the crime of the century – the stolen 2020 Election.  Barr was absent as criminals took over our election process and stole the 2020 Election from President Trump.  Barr was part of the coup.

Dirtbag Bill Barr Who Willfully Ignored DOJ Criminal Spying on Trump and 2020 Election Fraud Says Trump Should Not be GOP’s Candidate in 2024

President Trump next shared that (because of goons like Barr) our country is in so much trouble.

Thanks in part to Bill Barr – America is in such trouble.  Shame.

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