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Well, ding dong the Minister is gone…


We’re now hearing that after tremendous backlash, Joe Biden’s Handlers have pulled the plug on the creepy, dystopian “Ministry of Truth” and that nutbag lady, Nina Jankowicz, who was supposed to be leading the department.

The Biden admin is calling it a “pause,” but we all know what that means… Stick a fork in it, because it’s done.

Once the cat was out of the bag, that commie plan was doomed, and Biden’s Handlers knew it.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Joe’s Handlers Came Up With a NEW Way to Deflect From His “Cognitive Issues”

Americans don’t relish the idea of Stage 5 TDS lunatics deciding what can and can’t be said online.

No thanks.

But truthfully, this victory is thanks to the power of the right-wing movement — we made this happen, we took down the Ministry.


Here are some tweets about the canceling of the Ministry:


So, chalk this up to yet another abysmal failure of the inept Biden admin.

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