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When the left isn’t actively attempting to push sexualizing and perverting propaganda on your children, they’re busy staffing agencies with pro-pedophile personnel (not to mention hiring them at schools). When last we heard of Allyn Walker, he (?)—I can’t be sure because Walker identifies as “transgender”—had been forced to resign from his position at Old Dominion University after airing his pedophile apologist position during a lecture.

Now, I wish I could say that was the end of Walker’s story and he had been relegated to working as a barista at some hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, where his pro-pedophile opinion couldn’t infect any more brains, but that isn’t the case.

Nope! Because Allyn Walker has been hired by a branch of Johns Hopkins, and what’s more, he’s been hired by the Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse… This is real…

Let’s put this all into context. Allyn Walker conducted a talk on behalf of a pro-pedophile organization called Prostasia in which he defended the feelings of pedophiles. If you didn’t remember, here’s a video.

Prostasia’s position is not only a group that exists specifically to defend and mainstream pedophilia, but it also bullies academic journals to censor papers that might point out their true motives. And what might those motives be?

Well, not long ago, the organization published a piece in which they argued that children should spend time with pedophiles and learn about fetishes and such… Not a joke.

So, a professor who defended these demented perverts has now been hired by a branch of a once prestigious university for the purpose of preventing child sexual abuse…

If this sounds bat sh*t crazy to you, don’t worry. You’re brain works just fine. It’s the “brilliant” brains over at Johns Hopkins who need to have their heads examined. Either their heads are shoved so far up their nether regions to realize who they are hiring, or they know exactly what they’re doing and couldn’t actually care less about preventing child sexual abuse. Either way, this is wrong on numerous levels.

Welcome to the left!

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