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South Korean dramas are growing increasingly popular, with people everywhere learning to love tropes such as amnesia, childhood best friends, and attractive young CEOs. Fortunately, Netflix has noticed this interest, and now offers a sizeable collection of some of the best K-dramas for you to peruse, featuring everything from romance, to action, to horror and political drama combinedNetflix’s selection of Korean dramas is a great way to test the waters if you’re new to subtitles, or if you aren’t quite ready to sign up for an Asian drama streaming service such as Viki or KOKOWA. For anyone just starting to explore K-dramas, Netflix offers an impressive look at just what South Korean television can do.Here are some of the best Korean dramas on Netflix that you can stream right now, listed in alphabetical order.1. All of Us Are Dead Lee Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) fights for his life. Credit: Yang Hae-sung / Netflix Brace yourself for this one, because it’s definitely going to hurt. All of Us Are Dead follows an ensemble cast of young students who are trapped in their high school when it’s overrun by zombies. Left to fend for themselves, they have to work together and use whatever resources they can find in order to survive.Seeing a bunch of terrified children fighting for their lives is harrowing enough, but zombies aren’t the only evils the teenagers are forced to face in All of Us Are Dead. It’s still high school, after all. Not everybody is inclined to help…

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