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Ron DeSantis continues to slaughter every leftist sacred cow. Next up: commies! We explain why remembering the victims of communism is important. Also, the stock market is plummeting, while progressives still won’t calm down about Roe v. Wade. But the good news is Donald Trump Jr is joining us today!

DeSantis DESTROYS Racist Commies! LIVE with Donald Trump Jr. | Louder with Crowder


  • The stock market continues to absolutely crumble. SOURCES CNN, NYT, YAHOO
  • Crypto is also experiencing a major crash. SOURCE: MarketWatch
  • Dems continue to insist that the stock market isn’t the economy. SOURCE: Twitter
  • Nearly 42% of household wealth comes from directly or indirectly held stocks. SOURCE: CNBC
  • The economy is in serious trouble. SOURCE: WSJ
  • Inflation is expected to remain over 8% in April. SOURCE: Forbes
  • Republicans hold a 3-point lead on generic ballot polling. SOURCE: NPR


  • Yesterday, pro-abortion goons marched to Samuel Alito’s house to harass the justice over last week’s leaked opinion that suggested the court would overturn Roe v. Wade. What’s WORSE is these thugs are being directly empowered by the White House. SOURCE: Twitter
  • To be fair, that was from a week ago, I’m sure Psaki has forcefully condemned the leak since then. Twitter
  • Glen Youngkin, the governor of Virginia, where Alito lives, also dropped the ball by failing to do anything at all to stop the mob. The most he could muster was this half-assed Tweet. SOURCE: Twitter
  • Youngkin had plenty of power to do more, as Kayleigh McEnany pointed out on Twitter just a few days ago. SOURCE: Twitter


  • We’ve been saying for years how Communism can’t work, kills LOTS of people, and how you won’t hear this in Universities. SOURCES: YouTube, YouTube
  • WELL, it’s time to celebrate ANOTHER WIN!
  • Yesterday, Ron DeSantis announced November 7 as Victims of Communism Day. SOURCE: Twitter
  • Note the HYPOCRISY of the left canceling historical figures over racism, when Marx was FANTASTICALLY racist!


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