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The Democrats and the propaganda ministry have tried to portray the events of January 6 as the greatest assault on democracy… in like, forever.  But it seems like that narrative is starting to unravel.  The unraveling began when many people began to suspect that the whole thing was a setup and started looking into it. 

It wasn’t law enforcement or MSM journalists investigating — they could be controlled.  It was amateur citizen investigators using the power of the internet.  Ah… the internet — allowing average citizens to cross-reference and collate a limitless sea of information.  Our Founders would approve.

Citizen investigators began to identify individuals who were clearly involved in inciting the riot on January 6.  But a curious number of them had not been arrested by the FBI, even though their identity was well known.  One such individual is Ray Epps.  Epps is seen on video urging the crowd to enter the Capitol building.  He lives in Arizona on a ranch and hasn’t been arrested.  There are numerous others, just like him.  The question became unavoidable: Did the federal government have involvement with January 6?  We don’t know the answer to that question — and that’s a problem for a constitutional republic…

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