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A Democrat Representative was arrested outside the Capitol yesterday while protesting to encourage passing the America-ending Democrat vote bill labeled HR1. 

This was clearly an act of treason and the Congressman should be placed in a DC jail with no court date set, like the Jan-6 protesters who did much less. 

USA Today reports:

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., was arrested outside the U.S. Capitol building on Thursday during a protest over voting rights, according to his office.

U.S. Capitol Police arrested Bowman along with about 20 other demonstrators that have been on a hunger strike in support of voting legislation, said Marcus Frias, Bowman’s director of communications in a short statement.

Frias said Bowman was participating in a non-violent action at the North Barricade of the Capitol Building.

Rep. Bowman’s counterparts were members of the same group who gave up food while demanding the Democrats’ voter rights legislation be passed.

Student Hunger Strikers at the US Capitol Say They Won’t Eat Till HR1 Is Passed – One Protester Already Bails After Feeling Light-Headed

Rep. Bowman knows the only way Democrat socialists like him can win is by stealing the election.

“If We Deliver [S.1], We Maintain Power in 2022.” – Democrat on S1 Elections Bill Solidifying Democrat Wins Forever

Numerous individuals who protested the 2020 Election steal were placed in solitary confinement in the DC jail for their actions on Jan 6.  Will congressman Bowman be incarcerated as well?  We somehow doubt it.

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