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Colorado’s corrupt Soros-backed Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, is back at it attacking Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters.  Peters caught Griswold attempting to make counties in the state erase 2020 Election date from voting machines which is against the law.

Early last year, the Secretary of State in Colorado, Jena Griswold, demanded each county in the state perform an action on the voting machines in the state.  The activity was claimed by Griswold to be necessary but the result not shared by the corrupt Secretary of State was that the action would wipe the machines clean of 2020 Election data.  This is against the law.

Rather than comply with the illegal action, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters, made a copy of her county’s machines before performing the action demanded from Griswold.  This was the right thing to do.

Griswold got on NPR to criticize Ms. Peters and The Gateway Pundit for reporting on Griswold’s request to destroy 2020 Election data.  In the interview, Griswold used a so-called ‘Republican’ as her expert.  This man is married to an employee of Dominion Voting Machines of 10 years and was no independent election observer proving again that NPR is a biased far-left media outlet paid for by the American taxpayer.

NPR Attacks Gateway Pundit, Uses Spouse of Ten Year Dominion Employee to Provide ‘Independent’ Commentary on Whistleblower Who Identified Potential Crimes in 2020 Election

Clerk Peters flew to the symposium Mike Lindell held in South Dakota on election interference in August.  Her office was raided as she was en route to the symposium.

Mesa County Colorado Clerk Tina Peters Tells Shocking Story on How Her Office Was Raided As She Was En Route to Symposium

Now the Soros-backed Secretary of State, Griswald, is aiming to prevent Peters from being involved in the 2022 Election.

Colorado’s 9News reports a slanted piece on Peters where it says:

 Colorado’s Secretary of State (SOS) filed a lawsuit Tuesday to bar Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters from overseeing the 2022 elections, a release from her office says.

The lawsuit asks a judge to remove Peters as the Designated Election Official (DEO) during 2022.

Colorado handed over their elections to corrupt Democrats when they allowed mail-in ballots to be the norm.  This state is lost until they eliminate this process and get back to a safe and secure, fair, and free method of voting.  Democrats will do anything for power.

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