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On January 12, Miles Guo pointed out in a Grand Live Broadcast that if those in power use state property as a bargaining chip for private political and economic interests, they are veritable kleptocrats and traitors to their country.

Miles explained that a citizen who takes an oath under the country’s constitution and then betrays that constitutional contract is committing treason; if he illegally steals and sells state assets to another country, this is called betraying the country. However, ordinary citizens of the CCP have neither taken an oath under the Constitution nor the power to use state assets, so “treason and betray the country” named

only those who really hold the power are the culprits of treason and betray the country.

For example, Miles said that in 2002, Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji signed a so-called strategic cooperation agreement with neighboring countries in the name of the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization”, but the agreement sold 99% of China’s 280,000 square kilometers of land to Kazakhstan; And as early as around 1960, the Mao government also assigned 96% of the mountains of the Pamirs to Afghanistan.

Miles pointed out that these people are real traitors to the country. At the same time, the family of traitors not only hollowed out the wealth of Communist China, but they also created countless ignorant and obedient people. Today, tens of millions of Yang Gailan in communist China are struggling to survive until they have driven to despair. After that, their tragic deaths will be recreated by the CCP’s public opinion machine.

Miles emphasized that the people of the New Federal State of China must clarify these concepts and deliver the truth, and should not be intimidated by the threats that create something from nothing.

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