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Recently, Western democracies have intensified their push for vaccines, showing a desperate rush. Public opinion against the vaccination policy has also shown a strong rebound. Some countries, such as Denmark, Austria and other countries, have already fought against the people who took to the streets to protest. The scene is as tragic as Hong Kong in 2019.

Since 2019, Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, has warned the world many times that Covid-19 is made by the Chinese Communist Party, the Covid-19 vaccine cannot prevent infection with the virus, and the injection of the vaccine will weaken the body’s immunity, resulting in disease and death, and the vaccine is destroying human biological weapons!

The latest data survey chart on the relationship between vaccines and virus infection released by the authoritative medical journal The Lancet on December 30, 2021 in the United Kingdom supports the authenticity of Mr.Miles Guo’s  revelations.

The Lancet, founded in 1823, is one of the four internationally recognized comprehensive medical journals.

This situation has attracted the attention of many conscientious scientists, and more and more doctors are very disturbed by the side effects of clinical vaccines. They have begun to oppose the government’s policy of pushing vaccines, but it is shocking that the governments of Western democracies have put it aside. Despite the fact that vaccines kill people, they continue to vigorously promote vaccination.

Why do the governments of these Western democracies disregard the freedom and rights of the people, and despite the fact that the side effects of vaccines are far greater than the harm caused by the virus to the people, they vigorously urge the people to get vaccinated?


(1) They believe that vaccines will save lives;
(2) They have interests in collusion with evil forces;
(3) They collude with pharmaceutical companies to share vaccine interests;
(4) Financial giants like Bill Gates and Soros have a plan to wipe out the world’s population

As a rule, they cannot force vaccines for whatever reason, because they are elected governments, they must listen to the opinions of the people, and the free will of the people is above everything else.

But now the fact is that Western democracies can disregard public opinion and push vaccines recklessly. Even if the side effects of vaccines have far exceeded the harm of the virus to the human body, who gave them “confidence”?

The mystery is revealed - "Election cheating"!

“Election cheating” in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the dead voting, repeated voting, fake stamp votes, not counting valid votes, cheating by counting machines… These methods have all succeeded in key swing states. However, no effective judicial correction has been obtained. This incident has a huge impact and has endless troubles. It not only shakes the foundation of the founding of the United States, but also shakes the constitutional foundation of democratic societies in Western countries.

According to a poll released by Nanos Research in Canada, a neighbor of the United States, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party the ruling Liberal Party has 31.3 percent support, the largest opposition Conservative Party has 33.3 percent, and the left-leaning New Democratic Party has 19.2 percent support.

But the vote result was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals Party narrowly won.

Trudeau’s election in a situation of low popularity is a mystery. What is his electoral strength? There was a lot of talking about it.

Note: There is an important fact that is thought-provoking, the voting machine Dominion (Dominion), the protagonist of the 2020 election fraud in the United States, has been listed as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Canada for five consecutive years.

On November 12, 2020, Trump tweeted, citing a News Channel report, that “Dominion” deleted 2.7 million votes for Trump across the United States. 221,000 Pennsylvania votes jumped from Trump to Biden. Another 941,000 votes for Trump were deleted. 435,000 votes transferred from Trump to Biden in states using “Dominica.”

Under the impact of the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. election, people have become increasingly concerned about the issues behind voting machines. US President Trump’s lawyer released key testimony on the 16th, and the former Venezuelan presidential aide also confirmed that it is not the voter but the machine that determines the outcome of the election; the 2013 Venezuelan election he witnessed is very consistent with the 2020 US election, and the machine will be instructed to tamper with voting results.

“Election cheating” in the 2020 US presidential election shocked the world. “Election cheating” quickly swept across Western democracies, which enabled some unscrupulous politicians with low popularity to be successfully re-elected. Good politicians can ignore the “confidence” of public opinion, and this “confidence” makes the world begin to enter darkness.

The United States is a holy land blessed by God. Americans believe in God and founded the country with Christ. The United States has a fortunate error correction mechanism. The United States Constitution stipulates that people have the right to own guns. If the government, Congress and courts all fall, the people can use their hands with the gun to overthrew its rule, and finally all rights will belonged to the people.

The 2020 presidential election has passed, but the investigation of the election cheating lawsuit has not stopped, and the correction work has been in progress. The righteous people from all walks of life in the United States have been using various methods to compete with evil forces and have achieved preliminary victories.

We firmly believe that the United States, a country with more than 200 years of democratic history, will definitely wash away the dirt of “cheating elections”, the United States will be greater than before, and the spring of the world will surely come.


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Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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