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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on January 12, 2022, Mr. Guo talks about Isobel Yeung, QAnon, Ray Dalio, shared prosperity, treason, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Hegang’s bankruptcy, Himalaya farm, and the 20th CCP Congress. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

Isobel Yeung and QAnon’s Sinister Intentions

Isobel Yeung planned her interview of Miles Guo a year ago to smear Miles Guo and the Whistleblowers Movement as a cult, but Miles Guo had prepared in advance. What is pre-judgment? Pre-judgment is the best tactic in kung fu. Once I (Miles Guo) started observing the opponent, I designed the moves in my mind to strike back. The QAnon organization, a CCP controlled disinformation platform, is the battlefield between the United States and the CCP. HBO VICE set up the plot in 2017.

The Wall Street Journal interview chose to publish a photo of me in the white suit and holding a dog. In the eyes of Westerners, this is a stereotype of mobs, drug lords, and cults. Moreover, Americans are disinterested in rich people. When I showed up as a billionaire, I had already lost half of the lawsuit, but I said I wouldn’t give up, and I would win. Everybody can see I won all the cases. I said I came from grassroots. Grassroots share a common language. I told the jury that I became a billionaire because I uphold justice. 

Isobel Yeung is paid by Alvin Jiang and Bruno Wu.

Who paid for this plan that started five years ago? Alvin Jiang and Bruno Wu paid for it. Their goal is to take out Miles Guo and the NFSC (New Federal State of China) and label all overseas Chinese a cult. On January 6, Isobel Yeung arrived at Capitol Hill as planned and only interviewed the Chinese. Do you think this wasn’t planned?

European and American’s exclusion of Chinese and even Asians is severe and dangerous.

Did you guys see that anti-Chinese video in Canada? A woman in a store said the Chinese brought the virus to the world! The woman was sued and detained. If we get involved in this lawsuit, there will be millions and millions of cases coming at us, and we’ll be overwhelmed by the CCP’s unrestricted warfare.

Brothers and sisters, you have seen the tragedy of the Xinjiang people, the Kazakhs, the Tibetans, and the anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia. Without Miles Guo’s pre-judgment and action, Isobel Yeung’s documentary will spread anti-Chinese sentiment as quickly as wildfire.

The Nature of Cults

The six characteristics of a cult are leader worship, mind control, fabrication of heresies, collection of money, secret associations, and confrontation of society. Isobel Yeung pins the six characteristics on the Chinese people. But conversely, you all know that the CCP meets these six definitions of a cult. Isobel Yeung is the purveyor of the cult, the brainwashing mastermind, and the creator of crooked doctrines. The HBO, VICE manufactures mega-hatred and anti-social sentiment.

Ray Dalio will certainly be tried by the United States.

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater manages trillions of dollars of assets. Dalio and Wang Qishan are brothers who would die for each other. (1) Immediately after Gao Yanyan, Wang Qishan, and Zhu Yunlai founded the CIC (China Investment Corporation), it invested $3 billion in Blackstone and asked Steve Schwartzman to assist with repatriating Miles Guo. (2) The Chinese government gave $5 billion to overseas funds, i.e., Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater funds, which invested in 60% of the top 15,000 Chinese companies, amounting to $1 trillion. Bridgewater has invested in nearly all the top companies in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet. It also invested in almost all the Chinese technology stocks associated with the CCP. Dalio will run into big trouble. He will be tried by the US. This guy has done more harm to the Chinese than a country.

Paid by the CCP, Dalio has to promote “common prosperity” in the US. The CCP uses the white people, the richest and influential people in America, France, and the UK, to push “common prosperity.” There will be a redistribution of wealth. Again, the assets will be allocated to a tiny group of elites. The CCP’s “shared prosperity” carve up the wealth among a few families.

What is traitor and treason?

The two most important countries in the highlands of the Pamirs are Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Tajikistan is the only country that shows you the meaning of selling out your country and treason. In 2002, Jiang Zemin announced in the People’s Daily that he invited the president of Tajikistan to visit China and sign a strategic cooperation agreement. The CCP gave 99% of the 280,000 square kilometers of land to Tajikistan. In 1959 and 1960, the CCP ceded 96% of the mountains of the Pamir plateau to Afghanistan.

The CCP likes to put the treason hat on people. What is a traitor? First of all, you signed a contract, the constitution, with the country you were born in or you recognize. You agree to take that country as your homeland, be loyal to it, and recognize its constitution. Your betrayal of the constitution is called treason. A treacherous act is to sell the assets of a country that you have acknowledged by oath, not personal assets, illegally to another country. It’s called selling your country! Since I have no contract with Communist China and signed no constitution, how do I sell out my country? I’m accused of being a traitor to my country, but whom am I betraying? 

Ms. Yang Gailan, who was extremely poor, couldn’t even afford sell cow hir. She had to kill her children and herself. She had only one right in her life, the right to commit suicide! The CCP said she did it because she was mentally ill. Two days ago, Li Keqiang’s former secretary said, “Miles, back then you told the shocking story of Yang Gailan. I followed my boss to Gansu and his hometown Henan many times. Today’s China has at least tens of millions of Yang Gailan.” Yang Gailan was only accidentally discovered and exploited by the propaganda machine.

Zhu Rongji and Jiang Zemin family’s dealings in Central Asia

The Zhu Rongji and Jiang Zemin families made enormous money in Central Asia. They are still collecting money to this day. They sold China’s land and mines, and the contract is simple and perpetual. The CCP’s company has the right to mine Kunlun jade. It is the so-called Hotan jade. Why did the CCP start Bitcoin? It’s about money laundering. Why was UBS given the license to set up the first 10)% foreign-owned entity in China? Why did J.P. Morgan get a securities company license? Wang Qishan and Jiang’s families need tools for money laundering.

A CCP secretary said that he could collect 10 billion to 200 billion yuan in a minute in Tibet.

Where are Tibet’s exotic treasures? In Tibet alone, in the words of Zeng Qingwen’s secretary, he could search and gather 10 billion to 20 billion yuan in a minute in Tibet. You don’t even know 0.01% of the evil of the CCP!

The Altar in the Kunlun Mountains

There are three major lakes in the Himalayas, but you can’t find them on Google because the CCP’s altar is in the mountains. You guys underestimate the CCP, which controls 1.4 billion people. How many people live by the rivers of Pamir plateau? 600 million people. There are more than a billion people in India and more than a billion people in China.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Geopolitical Interests

Jiang Zemin created the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which includes Kyrgyzstan and 11 countries. As Kazakhstan fell in chaos, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and the SCO deplored troops. The CCP sent 1,000 special forces; Belarus sent only 100 soldiers.

Kazakhstan is a battlefield in Central Asia between the CCP and the US. The CCP blamed Kazakhstan’s chaos on the US and the color revolution! What did Wang Yi say? “Consolidate the political interests and state powers of both sides.” He didn’t say a word about the people and why the people took to the streets.

There is an interesting sentence in the SCO meeting: The SCO is the foundation of peace for humanity, Central Asia, East Asia, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe! Think about the implication of the sentence. It means the CCP’s turfs include Eastern Europe, Western Europe, East Asia, and Central Asia!

Do you know what the Kunlun Mountains and the Pamir Plateau of Tibet mean now? It is a victim of the robbery and profit distribution of these bastards.

Entire Asia has 65% to 70% of the world population. There are just four major powers: the United States, China, Russia, and Europe. They must be involved in any country where chaos occurs.

The rivalry is between communism and capitalism.

Religion is basically eradicated, but not faith. The so-called democratic and the rule of law system gave birth to communism and capitalism, which are always in opposition. This is no longer a regional war nor a war between maritime and continental civilizations. It is a battle between real capitalism and communism in space. The United States has been very clear on this issue. The United States has never stopped trying to wipe out these dictatorships over the past 20 years.

The CCP uses viruses to implement the “Five Techniques of Shang Yang.”

Last year this time, the CCP’s NSC (National Security Council) buddy said to me, “We are working on a sophisticated vaccine and virus policy to make this society more manageable.” Wang Huning told the central government that it should firmly grasp this opportunity and adopt “disk format” management. What did he mean by formatting? In the great Qin dynasty, Shang Yang said, “lock people at home for their own good.” Based on the CCP’s needs, some people will be let out as police officers or city patrols. Chinese cities will go into lock-downs in turns like Xi’an and Zhengzhou.

Xi’an, Zhengzhou, and Tianjin are absolutely critical to the life and death of the CCP. The forces to protect the Central Committee are in Zhangjiakou, where the Winter Olympics will be held. The CCP locks people up at home. If they dare to come out, they will come down with viruses. That’s legal murder, no need for the Tiananmen tanks crushing people to death.

The CCP uses the pandemic to achieve “shared prosperity” in Tianjin, Xi’an, and Zhengzhou.

Xi’an’s 120 companies and Tianjin’s 200 companies will be forced to share the wealth. The CCP wants to achieve “shared prosperity” in Zhengzhou and the US. It will roll out the digital yuan. What does it want to do? The digital yuan will render your money to a number, which the CCP can change according to its need because it is a completely centralized digital currency.

The CCP’s zero-covid policy is politics.

Only one country in the world, Communist China, has the ability to pool resources to do big things. To do that, the CCP first turns a minor problem into a big problem and a good thing into a bad thing. Then the CCP will “help” the people by pooling the people’s resources to solve people’s big problems. The Covid tests could have been done at home and would not delay anything, but the CCP chose not to. It has to let you queue up. The purpose is to tell the world’s media that the CCP is doing the right thing, finally, zero Covid case. It’s called politics. 

Hegang’s deputy director of the Bureau of Finance forged 6 trillion yuan on the book.

At the end of 2019, I (Miles Guo) said that China’s government and local government debts were not 12 trillion yuan but over 50 trillion yuan, even $10 trillion or roughly 100 trillion yuan! And a lot of local governments would go bankrupt!

Hegang’s brother in arms told me the story behind Hegang’s bankruptcy. A deputy director of the Finance Bureau forged 6 trillion yuan! Surprisingly, the CCP reported false numbers over the past decades, turning 10 billion yuan into 100 billion yuan and from 100 billion yuan to 500 billion yuan. The government cannot pay half of the wage expenses. 

Why is our Himalaya organization called a farm?

All companies with “limited company” or “group” in the names can conduct a specific range of activities to pursue commercial interests. A company has a legal person who will take ultimate responsibility. A company is an interest group subject to local laws. A company can also be an entity for the public interest, such as charitable non-profit organizations like temples, religious groups, or NGOs.

We call our Himalaya organization a farm. It’s brilliant. Is it a charity or a for-profit organization? It does not need a license or a legal entity. Is it an LLC or a group? No. Are we a religious organization? No. In Japanese, a farm means an unrestricted place with nature, freedom, and self-reliance.

We are called Himalaya. Others want names that are down to earth, but we chose a name to aim for sublimation. A farm is beautiful, free, genuine, natural, connected to heaven and earth, and suitable for humans to live. There is no domination, commerce, or trade, but freewill. What is the other meaning of a farm in Spanish? It means parents, family, hard work, living, and home. 

In contrast, the CCP communalizes your assets; that’s the CCP’s “shared prosperity.” The CCP forfeits all your rights, including “one person, one vote,” to create a family dynasty. What is our farm? The farm dictates that power cannot be concentrated because it has no commerce, transactions, or unification. Can a farm communalize power and wealth? It’s impossible because the farm has no legal person and no rights, and it will be illegal if it does. A farm is bound by laws and morality. 

The Heavenly opportunity to destroy the CCP is to win people’s hearts. 

First, we should always believe in God’s will, which is not accidental. The years of the CCP’s ruling and abuse of China are the most significant punishment for the Chinese people and God’s will!

Everything is providence, from which you will see the heavenly opportunity, the most incredible opportunity from God. Gettr and GTV’s users can distinguish three critical issues: (1) The Chinese Communist Party is not the same as the Chinese; (2) Covid-19 is the creation of the CCP, not the Chinese; (c) The massacre in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan are genocides and the biggest threat to the Chinese! These three things are obvious. What is this? Heaven’s opportunity, the hearts of the people. Timing, positioning, team, and people’s support are all in place. Isn’t that the result we want? 

There will be no more 20th CCP Congress. 

Li Zhanshu made a public appearance to prove he was fine. Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai also showed up a few times before their arrests. 

What is Pangu’s dragon head pointing to? It is pointing to the Kunlun Mountains, the Himalayas, and Xi Jinping’s father’s grave. He was stunned and dumbfounded to learn the relationship between his father’s grave and Pangu. He sent people to survey them again. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the People’s Liberation Army Institute of Social Sciences returned with the same result, not a millimeter off. Isn’t it called heaven’s secret? It’s called a heavenly opportunity that can’t be stopped. The simultaneous release of 50 Chinese banks’ version 7 Apps required the cooperation of someone, but it is the result of a heavenly opportunity that nobody can resist!

The current Himalaya Coin transactions don’t involve institutional investors. 60-70% of the new buyers are non-Chinese. This is the result of the heavenly opportunity with the coordination of someone. 

The CCP’s 20th Congress is an even bigger opportunity. If the CCP doesn’t hold the 20th Congress, infighting and robbery won’t happen, and the CCP won’t bring madness to the world. The NFSC is the only winner of the 20th CCP Congress. Even Xi and all of his running dogs will be losers. There will be no more 20th CCP Congress.  

Corruption of the CCP’s Golden Army 

First of all, I (Miles Guo) will make a correction. The CCP does not sacrifice 700 virgins every year but once every 60 years. One exception was made after the Tiananmen massacre on June 4, 1989. The CCP probably has made three sacrifices since its establishment.

The troop stationed at west Tibet is called the Golden Army, led by Liu Yuan back then. The Golden Army in Tibet mines gold and over a dozen heavy metals. Tibet’s timber, earth, mine, water, cordyceps, and herbs account for more than 40% of China’s output and even 60%-70% for certain goods. The Golden Army extracted a hundred tons of gold a year. 80-90% of the cordyceps harvest goes to the CCP, who also enjoys virgins from Tibet, Xinjiang, Kazakhstan, and Yi ethnic groups. 

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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