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Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

As reported by the Chinese Communist Party’s media, India recently expressed positive signals over the border conflict and will hold the 14th round of negotiation on borders, six months after the Communist China-India conflict. However, India previously maintained the hardliner tone that “Communist China must cede territory” to resolve the conflict with India. At this time, India suddenly changed its stance and planned to come to negotiations with sincerity. Judging from the CCP’s consistent style, the CCP is willing to give up some territory in exchange for its selfish political goal. Ceding of the territory is not a surprise for Communist China.

After the CCP took over China, these countries have legally taken away territory from China: North Korea, Soviet Union, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and others. Communist China claims these countries have illegally occupied Chinese territory (even though the illegally occupied territories are still included in maps of China): India, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines. (For details of the area of the ceded territory, please check the list of territories ceded by the CCP after the regime took over).

The CCP officially claims the size of China’s total land territory is 9.6 million square km, and the size of total maritime territory is 3 million square km. But China actually controls 9.3 million square km in the total land territory and 270,000 square km of maritime territory. After the CCP took over, the total area of territory ceded in the “Land Territory Treaty” is about 400,000-500,000 square km, and the ceded territories no longer belong to China. The total area of the lost maritime territory is between 2.2 and 2.6 million square km. All of China’s neighbors, whether large or small countries have legally or illegally taken large or small chunks of territory from the huge empire.   

While the CCP gave up China’s territory to foreign countries, the regime spread the propaganda of inviolable Chinese territory internally. It took back Hongkong and Macau and now threatened to invade Taiwan. The CCP sells out China’s territory to foreign countries but is very cruel against the Chinese people. The fellows in Hongkong who longed for freedom were murdered by the CCP; the regime carried out genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet; the regime massacred ethnic minorities in Inner Mongolia—this is the true face of how the CCP treats our fellow Chinese people. If the Chinese people cannot see through the regime’s evil nature, those who starve to death due to disease-prevention lockdowns in Wuhan, Xi’an City, Yuzhou City, Zhengzhou City, Tianjin City, or Anyang City will tell you: Those who believe in the CCP will be rushed to the crematorium. Those who don’t wake up right now will die in daydreams.

Now the CCP is again making deals with India. Isn’t the CCP willing to surrender some territory if India supports the regime’s political goals of ruling China? For the CCP, defending national territory is just propaganda to fool the Chinese people. The national territory is only the CCP’s tool for political rule, as the regime doesn’t care what happens to the people on the surrendered land.


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