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Justice Clarence Thomas knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s no dummy, and when he asked this BOMBSHELL question about COVID, he did it to rock Joe and Big Pharma’s world… and it did.


It all went down when SCOTUS agreed to hear oral arguments over Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

And it’s been a real eyeopener for everyone – it turns out the liberal justices, especially Sotomayor, are “Branch Covidians.”

In other words: paranoid, misinformed kooks.

They’ve drunk the Kool-aid and now they don’t know which way is up.

The liberal justices are literally spreading fake news and propaganda from the high court bench.

Sotomayor actually said COVID has stricken ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND children and many are half-dead on ventilators all across the country.

Of course that’s a complete and total lie.

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It’s scary to think fake news COVID “fear porn” has permeated SCOTUS.

Talk about feeling doomed.

But thankfully we still have Justice Thomas on the high court and there’s no propaganda or “fear porn” that can break through his tough armor.

And as I mentioned earlier, he knows what he’s doing, and the question he asked was a shot fired at Joe and Big Pharma.



Here’s what Justice Thomas asked: “Justice Thomas asks a dangerous question: Is a vaccine the only way to treat covid?”


We needed someone like Justice Thomas to ask that very obvious question.

Here we are, with a vax that doesn’t work as promised. For months Biden, Fauci, CDC, and other vax pundits pushed the vaccines as “immunity” and a way to get back to normal life.

Joe Biden even went on CNN and told the entire country that if they took the vaccine, they wouldn’t catch COVID.

Well, as we now know, all of that was untrue, and every vaccinated person and their brother are contracting and spreading COVID.


So, why on earth are we mandating a vaccine that doesn’t work the way a vaccine should?

Why aren’t we accepting COVID is here to stay, and prescribing therapeutics, like we do for Strep Throat?

Well, that’s the can of worms that Justice Thomas (thankfully) just opened up.

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