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JAN 08,2022

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(1) Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay on Vax Data, Cuts to Just 8 Months

(2) Kazakhstan’s Former Intelligence Chief Detained for Treason Amid Crackdown of the Unrest

(3) Youngkin Announces Challenge to Vaccine Mandate for Virginia Hospital Workers

(4) France’s Macron Stuns As He Declares Un-Vaxxed “Not Citizens”

(5) Swiss Media Warning of Chinese Espionage

Topics for Today:

(1) Updates on the COVID Vaccine Disaster and the Omicron as a Bioweapon

( 2) The Most Important Messages From Miles Guo’s Latest Live Broadcasts

(3) KBKP – Life’s Like a Movie, Write Your Own Ending. Keep Believing, Keep Pretending

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