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An whole year after the US Capitol riot, Washington seems concerned only when Republicans are the culprits of domestic terrorism. However, polling indicates that no one outside the establishment echo chamber is convinced by the distorted narrative.

Embattled Attorney General Merrick Garland sat stone-faced as a Republican congressman brought up remarkably similar images of government facilities being invaded — one of the US Capitol in January and another showing the Department of the Interior in October – as Attorney General Jeff Sessions looked on.

Despite his best efforts, Representative Greg Steube (R-Florida) was unable to get Attorney General Loretta Lynch (D-Missouri) to express a view on how to define communist demonstrators who forced their way inside the Department of the Interior (DOI). Even though Garland has described the Capitol riot as “the most severe threat to democracy” he has seen in his 44-year legal career, the attorney general said he was unable to reach any conclusions about what occurred at the Department of Justice.

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Steube was taken aback by what Garland stated next during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on October 21. The question of whether or not Garland felt the Department of Justice (DOJ) protesters were domestic terrorists was met with a dismissive response. Garland said, “I’m not gonna be able to reference that particular event since this is the first I’ve heard about it.”

Specifically, the violence in issue featured the assault of a restricted federal government facility that was around a 30-minute walk from Garland’s office and took place exactly one week before the committee meeting in question. Environmental radicals attacked and wounded a number of security personnel, one of whom was sent to the hospital, and 55 people were apprehended.

It wasn’t only Garland who seemed to be nonchalant about assaults on government facilities in Washington when the attacks began. The violent breaching at the Department of the Interior was characterized to as “clashes” between demonstrators and police officers by the Washington Post. In other media sites, the rioters were referred to as “occupying” the building and being detained after a “sit-in,” respectively.

There was no hype around the event, as there was surrounding the Capitol riot, which the media and political analysts have equated to the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 in the United States. Some, like as political analyst Matthew Dowd, have referred to it as “worse” than the September 11th attacks. S.V. Date, a White House journalist for the Huffington Post, claimed it was “1,000 times worse” than the previous administration, which was headed by then-President Donald Trump. Family members of those who died on September 11th were angered by such comments.

Joe Biden, whose re-election triumph against Donald Trump was called into question by election-fraud demonstrators who broke into the Capitol, went so far as to declare the disturbance the “biggest assault on our democracy since the American Revolution.” He then referred to regulations established by numerous Republican-controlled states to discourage election fraud as “the greatest critical test of our democracy since the Civil War,” which seems to indicate that he enjoys using exaggeration. He then proceeded to tie the violence and the new state law together, implying that they were both founded in the same ideological underpinning.

Such statements may appear absurd, but they served to reinforce a central theme: opposition to the ruling party was branded as domestic terrorism – in fact, it was the only true domestic terrorism – and the threats posed by American right-wingers were depicted as even more dangerous than those posed by foreign terrorists. And, of course, a threat of this magnitude necessitated a stern response.

Despite the fact that, according to misleading media claims, no one was murdered by the Capitol rioters, they have been presented as racist and murderous insurrectionists by the media and the public. Democrat US Representative Hank Johnson, who previously predicted that an extension of US military activities in Guam would cause the island to capsize, said that legislators would have been slain if a Capitol police officer hadn’t fatally shot one of the rioters during the riots (the only person who was killed that day). According to Johnson, who is black, “I have no doubt that those of us who look like me would have been hanging from the rails… dangling like fruit, weird fruit.”

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As expected, the media responded in the same way. As a matter of fact, Vice News revealed six months after the riot that several of the journalists who “survived” the episode were still terrified to walk back inside the Capitol to do their duties. After being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, Erik Wasson of Bloomberg News revealed to Vice that he had studied survival skills, including how to use a metal pen as a weapon. At order to avoid the stress of having to return to work in the Capitol, another reporter decided to take an early retirement.

Some accused rioters have been prosecuted by Garland’s Department of Justice (DOJ), and several have been jailed without bail awaiting trial. Solitary imprisonment was applied to several of them. Several Republican members of Congress have accused jailers of hitting and physically abusing the suspects on January 6, including making racial remarks in certain instances. Visits with their attorneys and family members have reportedly been refused to several.

The treatment of accused pro-Trump defendants, according to US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), has been compared to that of racial riots who destroyed American cities, inflicting more than $2 billion in damage, and killing scores of people in the summer of 2020, according to Greene. prosecutors were hurting the Department of Justice’s credibility, according to US District Court Judge Trevor McFadden, by failing to be “even-handed” when it came to disturbances originating from opposing sides of the political spectrum.

Despite the media’s efforts, public opinion seems to have remained mostly unchanged. According to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Amherst and published this week, 71 percent of Republicans still feel that Biden stole the 2020 presidential election from Donald J. Trump. When asked if Biden is the rightful president, only 58 percent of Americans responded affirmatively, while 22 percent of Republicans said the election result was “definitely not legitimate” – results that were nearly identical to those obtained when the same survey was conducted in April of last year.

As was expected, Republicans and Democrats were divided on the Capitol breach, with 62 percent of Republicans seeing the participants as “protesters,” rather than rioters, and 68 percent of Democrats labeling them as “insurrectionists” and “white nationalists,” respectively. When compared to Republicans, Democrats are far more supportive of attempts to investigate and punish those responsible for the protests, with 86 percent supporting such actions.

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The results of another survey indicated that Americans are about evenly split on the severity of the Capitol disturbance. According to a study conducted by the Des Moines Register in November, half of those who responded feel the breach represents an uprising and a danger to democracy. Republicans and Democrats were diametrically opposed on the issue, while independents were split 50/50 on whether the riots posed a danger to democracy in the United States.

Another survey revealed that more Americans are concerned about extremist groups located in the United States than they are about international terrorist organizations. Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted an August study that indicated that 65 percent of Americans are very worried about domestic terrorism, compared to 50 percent who are concerned about extremist organizations located outside the United States.

What the fools did on January 6th was simply plain foolish, and they allowed themselves to be led into doing stupid by our own FBI, which is a disgrace.

Think about it: what they did was nothing more than making Trump seem to be a hostile opponent of democracy.

Undoubtedly, the Liberals cheated in the election by collecting ballots, stuffing ballot boxes, counting ballots more than once, voting with dead people’s identification cards, and miscounting Trump votes for Biden votes, among other things.

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It’s what they do for a living. For me, state separations cannot come fast enough; nevertheless, they must be accompanied by one agreement: when liberal, socialist-run governments fail, let them collapse. It will have no financial impact on the conservative free states. Allow them to crumble under the weight of their own ineptitude; they deserve it.

But, nevertheless, Trump fans must be on the lookout for dirty maneuvers from the Democrats. Dems are the deadbeats, cheaters, and freeloaders of the United States government. Continue to stay vigilant and avoid being seduced again. They will make an effort.

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