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As the left continues their whining about January 6th, it only serves to underscore just how weak and vulnerable the Democrats are as the country heads into this year’s midterms.

On the anniversary of the January 6th Capitol riot, the left has gone to great lengths to portray this as a somber day, holding press conferences and giving prepared remarks about the so-called “insurrection” that took place one year ago. This is, of course, ignoring the fact that not a single person who has been arrested in connection with the riot that day was charged with insurrection.

According to reporting from the Washington Examiner, “more than 225 defendants had been charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding law enforcement officers; at least 275 defendants have been charged with obstructing a congressional proceeding; and about 40 defendants have been charged with some sort of conspiracy charge.”

Not a single one of those charges have anything to do with trying to overthrow the government. But the left is still trying desperately to cling to the narrative that the group of people who bumbled into the Capitol building that day — some of whom were violent, but most of whom were peaceful — were violent, dangerous insurrectionists who were trying to stage a coup.

It has gotten so bad that even the average left-wing voter doesn’t believe the left’s narrative anymore.

A CBS News poll released this week found that 70% of the people who voted for Joe Biden and 84% of the people who voted for Trump considered the Capitol riot to be a “protest that went too far.”

Despite these facts, the left is still running with the narrative, and desperately pushing it on the January 6th anniversary. Kamala Harris was one of many Democrats who spoke about the so-called “insurrection.”

“On Jan. 6, we all saw what our nation would look like if the forces who seek to dismantle our democracy are successful. The lawlessness. The violence. The chaos,” Harris said in her prepared remarks from the Capitol. “What was at stake then, and now, is the right to have our future decided the way the Constitution prescribes it: By we the people.”

She repeatedly referred to the “fragility” of democracy in her speech, claiming that “the American spirit is being tested.”

“The violent assault that took place here, the very fact of how close we came to an election overturned, that reflects the fragility of democracy,” Harris added.

Listening to her speech, it is obvious that the left is weak and vulnerable heading into this year’s midterms. They have nothing to campaign on except ‘Trump supporters tried to overthrow the government,’ and that narrative is crumbling before their eyes. Their grip on the public via COVID fearmongering has been failing, they have destroyed the economy, their poll numbers are in the gutter, and House Democrats are choosing not to run for reelection in record numbers.

The Democrats are desperate to portray the right as the violent ones. They ignored the violence committed by members of their own party for years, and even celebrated it at times, but now that they found one instance of right wing violence, they are clinging to it desperately. The problem is, they blew the incident way out of proportion. If the left had stuck with the facts, they might have been able to continue pushing their narrative. But their obsessive need to make conservatives look like evil, treasonous fascists led them to make outlandish claims that ended up being outright lies. In the end, they outed themselves as weak, vulnerable, and scared.

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