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By billwilliam

Image source: GTV & GETTR

During his live broadcast on January 5, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo revealed the breaking news that yesterday’s massive protest in Kazakhstan was incited by the Chinese Communist Party because the President of Kazakhstan refused to repatriate 100 tons of gold to Communist China.

Kazakhstan, a small country in Central Asia, has a disproportionately large gold reserve of 500 tons. In comparison, the official size of gold reserves in Russia and China are 2500 tons and 2000 tons, respectively. Former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev frequently visited Hainan Province in China and had good relationships with Chen Feng, Wang Jian (former executives of HNA Group), Wang Qishan (Vice Chairman of Communist China), and Jiang Zemin family—Wang Qishan and Jiang Zemin are political rivals of Xi Jinping. It turns out that Wang Qishan and Jiang Zemin have a hidden stash of 100 tons of gold in Kazakhstan: Wang Qishan’s gold was transported from Vietnam and Cambodia into Kazakhstan. Now Xi Jinping is taking actions against his political rivals and demanded Kazakhstan to return the hidden stash of gold, yet the former Kazakh President refused.

Communist China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Kazakhstan a few days ago and threatened to overthrow the Kazakh government if the gold is not returned. As predicted, massive protests erupted across Kazakhstan after Wang Yi left. In retaliation, the Kazakh President even threatened to build a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Mr. Miles Guo who has a good friendship with Nazarbayev’s family told Nazarbayev six months ago that he would be destroyed if he refused Communist China’s demand. Nazarbayev dismissed the comment, saying Xi Jinping wouldn’t dare to do so. But now both Russia and Communist China are pressuring Kazakhstan to return the gold. According to Mr. Guo, Nazarbayev’s family surrendered a few hours ago and agreed to return the gold in three or four shipments to China.      

The most preposterous aspect is that Communist China plots to blame the incident on the United States. Communist China advises to attribute the protest to CIA operations. The CCP’s propaganda is scary—the United States has never invaded China, yet the CCP propaganda falsely condemns US ambition to destroy China.

According to Mr. Guo, an insider of UBS told him that a subordinate of Wang Qishan just withdrew 30 billion USD while Nazarbayev’s family withdrew 10 billion USD from the Swiss bank. A lot of money will eventually flow into the Himalaya Exchange to avoid plundering by the CCP. When desperate, even the political rivals of Xi may want to store their money in the Himalaya Exchange.

In addition to Kazakhstan, the CCP also threatened Lithuania. Xi Jinping secretly collected information about the Lithuanian President’s personal life and blackmailed him. Mr. Guo predicted the Lithuanian President will eventually fight back against the CCP over the issue of Taiwan.

In the end, the CCP will be overthrown as the Whistleblower Movement continuously exposes the truth and the evil plan the CCP and the dark force in the world have jointly plotted.    


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