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Kayleigh McEnany, a former White House press secretary, urged flying travelers on Tuesday to “show a little grace” and wear masks to prevent encounters with other passengers.

On Outnumbered, Fox News panelists discussed a spate of viral videos of airplane passengers brawling minor mask infractions. More precisely, the panelists collectively responded to a video purportedly showing Patricia Cornwall, a former Playboy model and Baywatch star, punching an 80-year-old man on a Delta flight during a Christmas dispute over a mask.

Lauren Simonetti, a panelist, discussed remarks made by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House’s senior medical adviser, on the possible necessity for vaccine requirements on flights. Fauci explained on CNN Monday night that he is opposed to such a requirement, but the tape provoked a response from McEnany.

“That, on the other hand, should never be considered. That is an absurd remark by Dr. Fauci. However, what this comes down to is that there have been, what, 5,300 occurrences this year alone, up from a few hundred last year,” she added. “What we need here, and this is a good point made by Cheryl, is the FAA enforcing these onerous standards that require two-year-olds to wear masks. That is a contributing factor to the issue.”

“However, show some grace as well,” McEnany concluded. “If you are required to wear a mask, do it; it will make the flight attendant’s work simpler. Additionally, avoid placing a flight attendant in this circumstance. They are making an effort.”

The former Trump administration press secretary then stated that flight attendants already have a high level of stress in their employment and do not need mediating on-board conflicts and disagreements.

“They’re working really hard, and we’re all stressed out as a result of Covid,” she said. “Exhibit a little kindness toward flight attendants and other passengers; it will go a long way toward maintaining peaceful airways.” We are already unable to tolerate the delays. We cannot add sky-high brawls to it.”

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