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Today was a weird day in the world of politics.


Out of nowhere, Joe Biden just waved the white flag and threw in the towel on COVID… which was odd, since the cornerstone of his entire goofy campaign and his so-called “administration” was beating the virus… and today, he called it quits during a phone call with governors.

Biden told the governors that there was no “federal solution” for COVID and the states needed to take care of it.

Talk about a cut and run, right?

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I am not saying Joe’s wrong here. He’s actually right. But we’ve been saying it should be in the state’s hands for two years now, and he’s been lying and pretending there’s another way – destroying lives and the country, in the process.

It appears Joe never had a plan, did he?


But it’s more than that – see, Joe’s not winning in the polls on COVID, as a matter of fact, it’s become a huge loser for him, so Joe is saying “bye-bye” to the pandemic, that until now has been so good to him, and making a switch over to “elections.”

That’s what independent journalist Mike Cernovich noticed with Biden’s latest tweet after Biden just changed gears over to “voting rights” in the blink of an eye.

Here’s what Joe said: “When it comes to voter suppression, it’s no longer just about making it easy for eligible people to vote—it’s about whether or not those votes will count at all. It’s simple: voter suppression is un-American, un-democratic, and unpatriotic.”

And here’s what Mike said in response: “Facing electoral disaster in the coming mid terms, Biden gives up on Covid and focuses on “elections.”

He’s right. Never have things looked bleaker for Biden.

He’s facing defeat with COVID, his vaccine mandates are unpopular, his “Build Back Better” bill just got crushed, inflation is out of control, the economy is stagnating, and he looks and sounds like he should be in a memory care facility, not the White House.

And it looks like they know it.

Rumors going around the Swamp say several focus groups ran the numbers and told the Biden Admin Dems they will lose the House and Senate if they continue to act like a monarchy ruling with decrees & mandates.


Biden is losing support not just from independents and left-leaning Republicans, but from his hard-core base, too.

So, now, he’s making the big switch, from the downer COVID to the election fraud – something he knows a lot about, right?

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