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For some reason Linn does not see how the recording he put up confirms what I said. Yes, because Linn has a habit of constant-overtalk it takes me until Part III Minute 2 to get to the moment I get to ask Linn about why I am calling: I want to know if anything has happened that precludes him from being my lawyer or giving me legal advice. We wander around it for six minutes, then he kind of says not now, but gives me legal advice, but then tells me he is not giving legal advice… then publishes a description of our conversation on social media this morning.

I’ve dealt with lots of lawyers. I assure you, this is “odd” behavior for a lawyer.

For bonus, after listening to that, go back and listen to the beginning, where I keep trying to tell him I am not calling about the social media and have other matters to discuss… and Linn keeps talking over me to make it about all the drama going on that I let him know I don’t care about.

Lastly, follow Linn’s accusations about Mike Flynn (and note that in the background I am trying to rejoin, “No one in the country has done more that Mike Flynn – ….. ” to be repeatedly talked-over) his accusation is that when republishing Linn’s defense against the Daily Beast, and telling people to listen to how Linn ends it talking about faith, Mike Flynn did not do… something else he was supposed to do. He did not fly down to see Linn, either. Harrumph.

I believe this tape demonstrates precisely the kookiness which I allege regarding Mr. Linn Wood, Esquire.

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