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Jen Psaki is what I like to call a “spin doctor.” She’s a double-talker. She just goes round and round and round and tosses up these word salads that make no sense. She’s a typical “PR” machine, who’s programmed to do a specific job, and she never deviates from it.


She will go down with the ship reciting the regime’s talking points, even if she sounds like a weird robot that normal Americans can’t understand or relate to. That doesn’t matter to Jen, because all the pompous/elitist blue checks on Twitter say, “Slay Queen!”

But at the end of the day, Jen is an “empty suit” spouting out talking points.

And that’s why Peter Doocy throws her for a loop. He asks his questions in a way that makes her standard “talking points” unusable. But Jen has nothing else in her bag of tricks so she just keeps repeating those talking points, and she sounds like an idiot.

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And boy, did she really find herself in the weeds when Peter popped up and asked her about Biden defaming Kyle Rittenhouse.

Here’s what Kyle said last night about Biden on Tucker’s show:

Clearly, this is not a topic Jen wants to talk about.

And once she ran out of talking point, Psaki was a goner.


You can watch the video below:

You can tell that Jen is nervous about this question.


My guess is that Biden’s lawyers are working overtime to save the old buzzard from being owned, both personally and politically by an 18-year-old Trump supporter.

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