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The Biden admin has been all over the map. Are they dummies who don’t know what they’re doing or are they sophisticated Marxists pushing a plan to bring the US to its knees? Well, one week you can think they’re bumbling idiots, and the next week you can think they’re Dr. Evil-style commies.


So, it’s a bit of both.

Yes, they’re bumbling around trying to find their way, but also yes, they’re power-crazed demons and will do anything – even destroy the country – to get their way.

And if you don’t believe me, just listen to what Biden’s Energy Secretary said when she accidentally let the “quiet part” leak out.

That’s exactly what Ted Cruz noticed when he watched Granholm’s recent speech on rising gas prices.

According to Granholm, what you’re suffering through is really a “good thing,” because we have to transition off oil and gas.

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This is the Biden admin shoving their “Green New Commie Agenda” down everyone’s throats. They want to drive the price of gas up so high, so we’re begging them to bring on the electric cars.

They’re doing the same thing with beef – making it so expensive so we’ll be asking them to feed us bugs.

It’s all part of the plan, folks…

And Ted knows.

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Cruz watched the video and went on the attack.

Here’s what Ted said: “Joe Biden’s energy secretary says the quiet part out loud. Americans must suffer through the crisis created by Biden-Harris because they’re committed to forcing through an energy transition no matter what it costs.”


You can watch the video below:

Ted’s right. The Biden admin wants us to suffer. They want us to feel every single bit of pain, as we scrounge for money to fill up our tanks.

They have plans to create a whole new industry and make their donors and liberal friends very, very rich. But they need you to squirm and feel some pain before they can start raking money in.


I want you to remember that every single time you fill up your car and go grocery shopping.

You’re being punished, so a bunch of liberal elites can get rich by creating a “Green New Economy.”

Vote these BUMS out of office.

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