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WASHINGTON, DC – Democratic President Joe Biden has made several trips to his home state of Delaware throughout his limited time in office. So far, the cost to protect him has climbed to $3 million, and the final costs have not been tabulated.

While it is not abnormal for Presidents to go to their home states on the weekends, the number of times that current President Biden has is raising some eyebrows…and bills. The President has made a total of 25 trips from the White House to his home state during his first 43 weeks in office.

Each time the President leaves the security and comfort of the White House, there is always a security team that travels before and with him. Of course, this is necessary to ensure his safety and the continuity of government and just makes sense…but it also costs taxpayer money to provide that security and all that goes with it.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton requested information from the White House through a Freedom of Information Act to help determine how much, exactly, the taxpayers are paying to keep the President safe while he travels home over most weekends.

The initial numbers provided to his organization show approximately $1.96 million has been calculated thus far, but those numbers do not include an additional nine trips. The New York Post believes that when those nine additional trips are calculated, the cost will be almost $3 million for the security detail.

The expenses noted in these costs just surround costs for the security detail which range from salaries, room and board, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses that occur while they are on the road. This price tag does not count the amount of money it costs to fuel, staff, and maintain Air Force One or Marine One trips.

These costs also do not include the price tags to other federal, state, and local agencies to provide dignitary protection details for the President. These other agencies could range from US Coast Guard Ships to selected police officers all of which come with a cost to the taxpayer.

For instance, in October the President and the First Lady went to their beach house which required the US Coast Guard to patrol the ocean offshore to ensure no unforeseen threats came to them.

Coming up with the total price tag for securing the President is hard to determine, not only because of the costs associated with different agencies but also because the federal government does not want to release the costs of Air Force One. Fitton said:

“The cost of presidential travel and security is of obvious public interest…[but] it is frustrating that after years of litigation through two presidential administrations, the Secret Service and Air Force are still stonewalling the costs of presidential travel.”

While the cost of presidential travel appears high, those who are intimately familiar with the issue believe that it is not a big deal for them to take a break from their normal duties.

People like Greg Jenkins, the former director of White House advance planning on former Republican President George W Bush, said:

“For my money, the more a president gets some time to himself or herself, the better. It’s not like the country isn’t being tended to or he’s taking his eye off the ball because he’s changed locations.

I guess it really gets down to, is the president paying attention to what they need to be paying attention to when they’re away from the White House? And I have no reason to believe President Biden is not paying attention to what he needs to pay attention to.”

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Welcome to Bidenflation: Prices skyrocketing on new and used cars, trucks, auto parts, gas, oil, insurance, maintenance

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Inflation has struck the auto industry yet again, with prices rising on used and new vehicles. Inflation has also impacted the auto repair industry, raising costs of parts and labor.

When it came to the hot market with used vehicles, we were all lead to believe it was because of the chip shortage from China due to COVID. When those chips arrived in the United States, everyone believed that the market would cool down. That theory proved to be wrong as the U.S. auto industry is seeing inflation yet again.

According to Breitbart News, the prices had started to fall 1.5 percent in August of this year and .7 percent in September. While that appeared to be on the right track, inflation struck again in October of 2021 when prices rose 2.5 percent. Overall, compared to last year, prices are up a whopping 26.4 percent.

That means that a used vehicle that cost roughly $40,000 last year is now worth over $50,000 this year. While that may seem great for auto owners who are looking to upgrade, the prices of new vehicles have also risen, making it almost a wash in terms of selling and buying a vehicle.

New car prices have risen 1.1 percent in October and overall have seen a 9.2 percent increase throughout the year. New truck prices, which are a hot commodity now, have risen 10.5 percent over the last year, 1.5 percent in October alone.

Inflation has not only impacted the value of vehicles, new or used, but it has also hit everything needed to repair and maintain vehicles. Bodywork has increased 6.8 percent compared to this time last year. Additionally, oil, coolants, and other fluids have risen 11.3 percent from this time last year.

Of course, inflation has not only hit the auto industry, it has also hit everything throughout the country. CNN notes that prices have increased throughout the country by 6.2 percent which they note is the largest increase since 1990, over thirty years ago.

While CNN and other mainstream media outlets blame the pandemic and labor shortage as the culprit, others, like the New York Post blame Democratic President Joe Biden and his policies.

The New York Post and Republican leaders note the shutdown of various pipelines and added environmental restrictions that limit the amount of oil the country produces each month. Because our production of oil is down, that is causing the United States to purchase more from other oil-producing countries, thus, raising the price of gas.

They also note that the United States is producing roughly two million fewer barrels of oil today as opposed to when former Republican President Donald Trump was in office.

The New York Post states:

“So, at $83 a barrel, this means we are losing about $165 million a day in national output and $50 billion a year. This has only given leverage to OPEC and the Saudi oil sheiks to raise prices – and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Adding to the frustration of inflation is the response of President Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm when asked about how to get it under control. In early November, Granholm was asked about boosting the oil production in this country to help mitigate the rising cost of gas by Bloomberg Host Tom Keene.

He asked her:

“What is the Granholm plan to increase oil production in America?”

Her response was laughter. Granholm gave a hearty laugh at the question of gas prices rising, and when she was done having a good time, she said:

“That is hilarious. Would that I had the magic wand on this.”

Granholm went on to say:

“As you know, of course, oil is a global market. It is controlled by a cartel. That cartel is called OPEC, and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase [production] beyond what they were already planning.”

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