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They’re coming for your kids, and they want to poison them with their nonsense as soon as possible. This isn’t an exaggeration or fearmongering: this is a fact. Just turn your attention to this psychotic monster and try to tell me otherwise.

“I have a colleague who’s transgender, and there is a video of him as a toddler—so, he was assigned female at birth—there’s a video of him as a toddler tearing barrettes out then-her hair and throwing them on the ground and sobbing. That’s a gender message.”

“[A] child wore the little onesies with snap-ups in between the legs, and at age one would unsnap them to make a dress […] That’s a communication.”

This woman shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of any child.

This woman, who certainly has all manner of education and degrees and certifications, believes, wholeheartedly, that infants are capable of such communication. I would like her to explain how the child knows what barrettes might symbolize insofar as gender. How does a child know what wearing a dress may or may not mean? She won’t be able to explain this because they don’t know these things, and she’s a charlatan out to indoctrinate parents and their children into the trans agenda. This much is perfectly clear.

Children know how to communicate in one way and one way only: crying. And they communicate only about four things by crying: they’re either hungry, sleepy, dirty, or uncomfortable. That’s it.

This woman would have parents believe that infant children have performed some kind of deep psychological inventory before even a year old. Preposterous. And anyone buying into this insanity probably shouldn’t be procreating, and if they have, I pray for that child.

This woman’s deranged pseudoscience comes on the heels of the video of the professor at Old Dominion University attempting to soften the language used to describe pedophiles.

If you’re not seeing the distinct pattern forming in the messaging within this depraved movement, I don’t know what to tell you. Protect your children because there are people out there who want nothing more than to hurt them, psychologically and physically.

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