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Judge Carl J. Nichols, a Trump appointee, has been assigned the Steve Bannon case:

Nichols was confirmed in 2019 by a voted of 55-43:

And he also clerked for Clarence Thomas:

Now, libs are going to be outraged over this. . .

. . .but he’s not exactly a rubber-stamp for Trump and his causes. He’s also presiding right now over the defamation case brought by Dominion Voting Systems against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell:

FWIW, fierce Trump critic Norm Eisen thinks Nichols will be “fair”:

And he just sentenced a January 6 protester to 30 days in jail:

He also questioned then President Trump’s threat to ban TikTok, saying “the video app’s appeal against the ban was ‘likely to succeed’”:

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