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Kurt Olsen, a lawyer for Mike Lindell, reveals the existence of a report done by an academic on the vulnerabilities of electronic voting systems run by Dominion and other companies.

In a 2017 hearing, “Professor Halderman from the University of Michigan who is a cybersecurity expert … was one of the testifying experts, and actually testified that he has hacked into these machines, that he has manipulated votes, and he knows exactly how it’s done, and that they’re completely insecure. … Professor Halderman has also been involved in a case in Georgia where the plaintiffs were trying to stop Dominion machines from being used in that state because they are so insecure… We just found out last week that he has filed a 25,000 word report detailing exactly how these machines can be used, and specifically Dominion machines, can be used to steal elections… The judge has put this report under seal, but Professor Halderman is sounding the alarm.”

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