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Just read that “Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians”:

The election fraud may not have been meant as a social experiment, considering they didn’t want anyone to find out, but now when the fraud is obvious for everyone with a functioning brain, the deep state will see how much they can get away with.
Will anyone stop an illegitimate president or close the border? Not unless they take matter in their own hands if those who are supposed to do their job refuse to do it. So far nobody as tried, but that’s because they still hope someone will show up and to what is required to save the nation.

Turns out there are a few types of people who accept the election fraud. Those who believe everything they are told, and those who have absolutely trust in what the mainstream media tells them. They don’t do even the slightest research on their own, despite having access to the internet. Perhaps they are scared to find the anser and deny the truth for themselves. So they are simply ignorant about the whole thing, and doesn’t seem to have any interest in learning more either. Many are simply very stupid, including those who one would consider to be intelligent in an everyday setting.

And then there are those who suspects or understand the election was rigged, but either don’t care or even support it as long as it is “their” party or candidate who won by cheating. They have been manipulated by the media and political opponents to hate Trump with a passion, and as some videos on Youtube shows, they don’t always know why they hate him other than that they have been told he is a horrible person. So they don’t care about election integrity, transparency or a dystopian future if it only means that Trump is not the president. It’s better to see USA crash and burn than Trump in the ovale office again. They vote with their negative emotions instead of their brain.

Another problem is conservatives which becomes paranoid and start turning at each other, believing everybody is a RINO. Yet they are reason to be a little paranoid, considering how many left-wings infiltrate them.

Leftist activists have this idea that they are entitled to power because they apparently represent everything that is good, true and fair, and when someone like Trump wins, it’s against the laws of nature, and so all means to fix it are justified in their eyes.

Even if the evidence is there right in front of them, there are still way too many that will let the crooks get away with it for these reasons. And the whole world is learning that a large portion of the population is willing to let itself be lied to by a corrupt government. All you need is to manipulate and mold them through school, media and other platforms.

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