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General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Army, faced the Military Committee today and defended himself for two phone calls to Li Zuocheng, Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff of the CCP Military Commission.

Milley said he knew that President Trump did not intend to attack the CCP, but the CCP was very worried about an attack by the United States, so he “responded to relevant intelligence” in order to appease the CCP.  When the Associated Press exposed the incident of Miley’s “Collusion with the CCP”, Milley once assured Li Zuocheng that the US would not use force first if the conflict intensified. President Trump said in response to Milley’s phone call incident that Milley should be tried for treason.

Media analysis believes that Milley’s second call with the CCP military generals on January 8 directly caused the CCP’s top leaders to switch from defense to offense. From the diplomatic wolf performance at the Alaska talks to the large-scale harassment of Taiwan’s Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone, the CCP launched  a series of provocations and pressure actions. After the Biden administration came to power, although the U.S. military continued to increase its deployment and drills in the Western Pacific, the intensity and scale actually exceeded those of Trump’s period, but the CCP continued to maintain its strategic offensive stance and haven’t retreated to a defensive position since then.


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