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To actively undermine the Constitution and attempt to control the country through illegal means is treason, do you agree?

These claims that the Constitution is “racist” or “outdated” are rarely accompanied by specific examples. There are two reasons for that, first not reading the Constitution, reading the Constitution, and not coming up with any evidence to support the claims.

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This is a standard totalitarian tactic, making broad condemnations with generalities and scant evidence. Joe Biden, who claims he went to law school and studied the Constitution and has sworn in multiple oaths of office to uphold the Constitution, is leading these efforts to undermine that same Constitution which gives us evidence of his moral and ethical unfitness for his office.

As Samuel Adams said: “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.”

There has never been a nation on this planet that has been as democratic and welcoming as this country. No other country has engaged in wars to help others and ask for nothing in return. No other country welcomes as many refugees as this country.

We are not perfect, and we will always work to achieve it, but always within the framework of this Constitution, a document that is as close to sacred as any humanly-created document can be. Our Constitution and the republic form of government it guides is responsible for freeing the vast majority of people from slavery in all recorded history. Nothing else, no other nation or any “democracy” comes close.

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Anyone claiming the Constitution is outdated or wants it scrapped should be required to spend six months in Venezuela, formerly the 4th largest economy in the world, to live and eat out of dumpsters, then come back and see how they feel about it.

There was a time with all our differences; we had the constitution and the bill of rights that we all agreed on. We had sports that would bring us together to cheer on our team. Now we have political statements in our sports to Tear us apart and people wanting to give up their rights for a feeling of security and a few bucks,

It isn’t easy to write a document that will be timeless and functional through the centuries. But our forefathers used their experiences and wisdom and did precisely that. The people who don’t like our founding documents, flag, anthem, God, and people who want to tear us and our country down should leave. LEAVE. Find another country that you can tolerate and, more importantly, that can tolerate YOU. I wouldn’t stay in a place I hated. We need to put up a wall on these people and not give an inch. Change NOTHING, cancel NOTHING.

The genius of our Constitution is the concept of limited, as opposed to unlimited government.

Whenever Congress or the President or some agency issues some edict, judges ask first, “What is the limiting principle?” If the statute, executive order, or regulation is so broad and open-ended that it would permit any government action, it cannot stand. This is what the left wants to cancel in favor of unlimited government control.

One big thing that always gets forgotten when talking about the Constitution is that our founding fathers KNEW that they were flawed and that time would change America’s and world’s views and standards. Because of this knowledge, they put systems in place to change our Constitution (amendments). However, they purposefully made those changes difficult to make. They didn’t want changes made lightly or in a partisan manner; that’s why it’s not easy to make these changes.

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This is the mechanism that angers most liberals; they want to change the Constitution NOW, just because they are the ones “in charge” right now.

This is one of the many things that make America exceptional, and these are the things that should be taught and celebrated in our schools.

The Constitution will eventually be a thing of the past if the Republicans do not take power in Congress and the Presidency and eliminate this democrat grave threat of flooding the country with eventual voters that want to change the USA further to benefit themselves at the expense of the citizens.

To counteract this, legislation should be passed prohibiting citizenship for all illegal aliens and eliminating further destruction of this country by getting rid of this “anchor baby” concept. Otherwise, we will shortly have a congress filled with despicable, unappreciative creatures like this, Omar.

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