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My parents grew up in a tiny town called San Gil, nestled in the northern area of Colombia. We spent most family vacations in this sleepy small town, notwithstanding objections from my sister and myself since we found it “boring” at the time. Only through time can we learn to appreciate what we once took for granted. What I wouldn’t give to be back on a park bench with my parents, eating freshly grilled corn while people watching, enjoying the warm night breeze on my face.

Today, the small town of San Gil has lost its innocence. The Venezuelan migrant crises changed the quaint town. Quiet nights at the park are gone; instead, the new scene involves crime and homelessness overrunning the town square and its surroundings. It is a microcosm of America.

The Biden administration has a blatant disregard for human life. His open border policy is the humanitarian crisis of our day and is THE uniting issue in our nation. Americans don’t have to leave their door open and invite everyone into their home. We don’t have to sacrifice our country or continue to put up with this.

I am running for Congress because this country deserves leaders who believe in America and the people they claim to represent. We’ve had enough of the romanticizing of immigration. Our broken system rewards people who break our laws and punishes those who abide by it.

Uncontrolled mass migration causes serious disruptions and instability. California’s wealth inequality today resembles that of El Salvador and Nicaragua. We in Nevada can expect this trend to seep into our state. So long as our leaders continue to usher in waves of migrants, you can rest assured cheap labor, tight housing markets, crumbling infrastructure, and overall malaise will continue to destroy our lives.

As Nevada prepares to receive yet another wave of migrants, this time from Afghanistan, think of this. Think about the 9 trillion dollars of your money spent in other countries through war. Think of what that could’ve done for your community, family, healthcare system, roads, airports, and education system. It matters when America receives migrants from countries whose values differ significantly from ours. It matters when new arrivals come from a country where just about 40% of its people believe suicide bombings are justified. Prepare for further disruption in your life.

It is time for a broad coalition to form amongst all who, in different ways, continue to suffer under America’s corrupt leadership. The purposeful undoing of American prosperity hurts all of us. Unfortunately, the working and middle class will carry the brunt of this burden. I hope you will join me in this fight. We all deserve better. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud.

Carolina Serrano led the Hispanic outreach effort for President Donald J. Trump in Las Vegas and is now running for US Congress in Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District.

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