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Michele Bachmann, dean of Regent University, talked to host Steve Bannon about the live broadcast underway today entitled “9/11: A 20-Year Retrospective.” The entire event will be archived and available on video as well.

“What Washington, D.C., did wrong in dealing with the global war on terror is they got the premises wrong of who the terrorists are. They created a fantasy view that doesn’t exist of the Islamic terrorists, that this is truly a religion of peace, that these are just awkward crazy guys who got it wrong. That isnt it at all. This has been going on for centuries. Their motivation they tell us every time they pull a terrorist act. They’re not lone wolves. They’re known wolves. We know who these people are, and they have a very clear agenda… They want to destroy us, they want to take us down because they want to take over the United States and turn it into a caliphate.”

Now, as the 20th anniversary approaches, Bachmann says that the Biden regime wants us to forget about the Afghanistan debacle so they can pass their insane legislation to legalize voter fraud “so they can get elected in the mid-terms. These are the most selfish monsters you’ve ever seen running Washington, D.C.”

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