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Steven K. Bannon talks directly to the “War Room” posse about the power of the people, and about how important the ProPublica article was for highlighting the work of MAGA to reform the Republican Party:

“[ProPublica] understood something was up, and they drilled down with some of their best people … and spent a lot of time on this article. Then MSNBC and the smart guys on the left picked it up and they’re in freakout mode. Why? It’s not Darren Beattie. It’s not Steve Bannon. Very simple. They fear hard-working, taxpaying entrepreneurs that create jobs, the good householder, the good housekeeper … In ancient philosophy, society is based on the good householder, the person that plays by the rules, creates value, serves their country …  sends your sons and daughters, basically patriuts… They so fear you! This is not country club Republicans. The Republican Party hasn’t done this. They’re fighting us. Here’s who’s doing this. Grassroots organizations and grassroots people and yourself. MAGA and America First. This is what they fear..”

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