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Toni Shuppe of Audit the Vote PA says she has no confidence in the new Pennsylvania Senate investigation into the Nov. 3 election announced by Sen. Jake Corman. Here’s why:

“The hair on the back of my neck stands up because Sen. Corman is lying. Sen. Corman has done nothing for this effort whatsoever since Nov. 3. In fact, he’s actually on record Nov. 7 saying that everything is totally fine, on the up and up, secure and safe election. So we the people on the ground have absolutely no confidence whatsoever that without Sen. Mastriano  leading this effort that we’re going to get to any real truth. We don’t understand why there needs to be more hearings. There’s been 15 hearings so far already in Pennsylvania …. What are more hearings going to do? We need subpoenas, we need investigations. We need to figure out who did this.”

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