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Yesterday was an earthquake in American election politics.

The fraud of Nov 2020, and the last nine months, was revealed in Arizona during a hearing on the Maricopa County election audit – for all to see – it is undeniable.

This is when the wool began to fall from much of the public’s eyes, and why Dominion began packing up printers and the like, possibly to destroy evidence.

In short, what happened in Arizona yesterday was probably the biggest story of 2021, if that is possible.

Historians will call yesterday out for infamy.

Yet, suspiciously, there was crickets in the media. Not all of course, but for sure in the corporate media.

If you look around, you can see who is really on your side, and who is on the side of the donors, or the corrupt GOP Establishment.

Where was Breitbart’s coverage of the Arizona election audit fraud reveal? Where were those screaming headlines reading, “74,000 more ballots received than requested”, “or “Dominion deleted access logs by a script that tried to log in 37,000 times in one day?”

We didn’t expect much from Fox News.

But, hey Breitbart, asking for a friend.

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