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The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

PHILADELPHIA, PA- We are literally at the point where anything coming from Joe Biden can no longer be taken seriously, not that we were not already there.

On Tuesday, the dementia-stricken Biden made the absurd claim that those who were involved in the January 6 incident at the Capitol—where nobody has been charged with either insurrection or treason—were more dangerous than slave-owning Confederates in the Civil War, Breitbart reports.

Biden, who probably should have been stricken by lightning as he entered Constitution Hall in Philadelphia once again took aim at Republicans who are attempting to pass voter integrity legislation.

Biden being in the hall where the Constitution was signed is akin to Louis Farrakhan being inside a Jewish synagogue.

Biden said:

“The assault on free and fair elections is just such a threat—literally. I’ve said it before. We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.

“It’s not hyperbole—since the Civil War. Confederates back then never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did on January 6.

“I’m not saying this to alarm you. I’m saying this because you should be alarmed.”

Where to even begin. First of all, the United States is not a democracy. It is a republic.  

Secondly, is this guy serious? Biggest test of our “democracy” since the Civil War? Has he heard of Pearl Harbor? The assassination of JFK in the midst of the Cold War? September 11, 2001?

Finally, Confederates “never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did on January 6?”

Well no, Confederate troops never made it as far as Washington, DC so they never had the opportunity to “breach” the Capitol. Moreover, had they made their way to the Capitol as “insurrectionists” they likely would not have been allowed to simply walk through the Capitol doors as many so-called “insurrectionists” did on January 6, 2021.  

Definition of hyperbole: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

While Biden claims what he said is “not hyperbole,” it is the very definition of it.

Is Biden really trying to compare a war between Americans that was the nation’s bloodiest by a country mile, with an estimated 750,000 men and women dying, to a riot where one person (one of the so-called insurrectionists, by the way) was killed?

How many members of Congress were assaulted or killed on that date? For that matter, how many law enforcement officers were killed on that date?

This is not offered as an excuse for those who entered the Capitol, and especially for those who assaulted police officers. That is completely unacceptable and those who did so should be prosecuted to the full extend allowed by the law.

However when only one person was killed as a direct result of the violence—Ashli Babbitt, a United States Air Force Veteran, Biden’s claims of this being anything comparable to the Civil War shows just how insane and out of touch he is.

You all know the story. Babbitt was unarmed as she neared a broken door ostensibly to enter the Speaker’s Lobby. She was shot to death by someone identified as a plainclothes Capitol police officer, who has not been identified and who was cleared of wrongdoing.

This despite the fact that Ms. Babbitt presented no threat to anyone, least of all the officer. In fact, there were tactical officers just behind Ms. Babbitt who could have intercepted her had she posed a threat to anyone.

Three other people died at the Capitol that day, all Trump supporters and all from medical anomalies.

The fourth person whose death was blamed on the siege, Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, in fact died as a result of suffering two strokes the day after the riot.  According to Breitbart News, Off. Sicknick’s strokes were the result of a blood clot in an artery at the base of his brain stem.

In probably the most tone-deaf statement of the afternoon, Biden said that “bullies and merchants of fear and peddlers of lies are threatening the very foundation of our country,” in reference to Republicans.

“Merchants of fear?” You mean like saying voter integrity laws (many less strict than Biden’s own home state of Delaware) were “relics of Jim Crow?

Like Biden’s administration going out daily and trying to fear-monger the American people into taking a vaccine? Like having the vice-president insinuate that blacks and rural Americans are too stupid to be able to secure voter identification? Those kind of lies?

Biden’s incessant rambling continued:

“I never thought in my entire career I would have to say it. But I swore an oath to you and to God to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. That’s an oath that forms a sacred trust to defend America against all threats both foreign and domestic.”

Where to even start with this load of horse manure.

Let’s take the Constitution. Biden and his administration have done everything but shred the Constitution with every executive order he issues and every conservative who is censored on social media while big tech carries the water for the Democrat party.

Secondly, Biden claims his oath “forms a sacred trust to defend America against all threats foreign and domestic.”

Does that include illegal aliens gang members crossing the now porous southern border? Does that include terrorists mixing in among migrants who have been given an invitation to come to our border?

How about drug cartels flooding our streets with methamphetamine and fentanyl? That kind of foreign threat?

Domestic threats? Like out-of-control crime that has not only been embraced by Biden and the Democrats but in many cases encouraged?

Is it like Soros-funded DAs and gutless Democrat judges who have turned our criminal justice system into a revolving door, as people are shedding blood on the streets in Democrat-run cities across the U.S.?

What about his party’s far-left ne0-Marxists, calling to defund the police, or in the case of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) calling to eliminate border patrol, ICE and the Department of Homeland Security?

How about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who advocates dissolving police departments? Those kind of domestic threats?

Biden’s claim came after childish Democrat legislators from Texas fled the state in what appeared to be a private jet (wonder who funded that?) in protest against election integrity measures passed in the Lone Star State.

The whining petulant lawmakers were photographed onboard the aircraft enroute to Washington, DC (where they got their talking points and marching orders from Democrats, no doubt) with a case of beer prominently displayed in the picture.

Not so ironically that case of beer requires a valid ID to purchase, one of the several complaints lodged by the Texas Democrats.

In a case of unbelievable (although not surprising) farcical hyperbole, Kamala Harris on Wednesday compared the actions of the Texas wimps to civil rights and voting rights marches and actions of the past, praising them for their “bold and courageous actions” in turning tail and running out of state, Fox News reported.

We aren’t sure how stupid Harris thinks the American people are, but here is what she said with a straight face:

“They took bold, courageous action in line with the legacy of Frederick Douglass, to the legacy that involves women who marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, and all those folks who shed blood on the Bridge in 1965 to pass the Voting Rights Act.”

Yes, she compared Texas legislators getting on a jet, contributing to their God of “global climate change,” in air-conditioned comfort, with the freedom fighters who lost their blood in Selma. She seriously made that comparison.

“And now, we have in 2021, the Texas Legislature. Many of them traveled to Washington, D.C., at great sacrifice to stand up for the American right to vote, unencumbered.”

Sacrifice. Flying on an air-conditioned jet to stay in an air-conditioned hotel room with their meals no doubt being comped by some leftist billionaire. Such sacrifice.

Hyperbole—the whole Biden presidency and the Democrat Party is one big, fat example of it.

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Biden’s appearance in Philadelphia was rather ironic. Last year, we reported on the corruption that takes place in the election system within that city. For more on that, we invite you to:


PHILADELPHIA, PA- Philadelphia seems to be ground zero for possible election fraud, and according to Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center details some questionable incidents over the past month or two in the city, along with a long history of fraud.

In October, according to an article in the Patriot News, a company that supplies voting machines to Philadelphia was broken into, with an employee’s laptop and data-filled USB drives stolen, as reported in 6ABC in Philly.

At the time, election officials claimed that the laptop did not contain any election materials on it, nor was it capable of programming election machines. They also said that the stolen USB drives were encrypted and allegedly contained multiple levels of security to protect the data, officials said.

However, according to WHYY, one of their reporters was able to enter the warehouse unabated and roam around the warehouse for several minutes before being asked to leave. The reporter said he was able to walk past hundreds of voting machines, various boxes and other unidentified equipment without running into anyone. The reporter noted that he did not see any security cameras in the facility.

That wasn’t the only issue apparently. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, they confirmed the lack of security cameras in the warehouse although employees had previously asked that they be installed.

In addition, an inspection of the voting machines which was implemented after the theft showed that more than 20 cases where the serial numbers on the seals did not match up with records kept by election officials. They dismissed the discrepancy on a logging error, and claimed it is not evidence of tampering.

After the security lapses became public, a spokesperson for Mayor Jim Kenny claimed that police had established an around-the-clock presence, and that strict log-in procedures had been implemented for anyone entering or exiting the building.

That was the least of the problems, however. The machines have apparently been incorrectly recording votes. A previous election in Northampton County showed that voters who voted Republican apparently suffered “a weird technical glitch” which resulted in votes being cast for Republicans went to an “instructional text box.”

According to the manufacturer, it was a result of “human error” while claiming that it only affected around 30% of the machines.

According to Greenfield, Northampton County is said to be a “bellwether” county, and allegedly flipped over to Biden, while reporting that margins in some key precincts were limited to between “a handful to hundreds of votes.”

Reuters, however reported that there were problems with 366 of the same model of voting machines in Philadelphia. Last year, the city replaced its obsolete voting machine equipment with 3,750 ExpressVote XL machines.

Last November, some 320 machines in Northampton County were said to have been “configured improperly at our factory prior to delivery to Northampton County,” the outlet said.

The manufacturer stated that voting machines will only accept “certified and approved USB flash drives containing encrypted data,” which were the ones apparently stolen prior to election day.

At the same time the laptop and USB drives went missing, there were issues in other parts of Philadelphia. In Allentown, an elections judge was charged with “insertion and alteration of entries in documents and prying into ballots.”

The morning call reported that the Reverend Everett E. Bickford, who apparently now identifies as “Eriika” who wears flowers in his/her hair along with heavy makeup was arrested, however still allowed to act in the capacity of an election judge.

Yes, he said that: Biden claims Capitol protesters worse than slave-owning Confederates during Civil War
“Rev.” Everett (Erika) Bickford photo: YouTube screenclip

According to current numbers, Biden allegedly beat President Trump in Bickford’s 3rd Ward 522 to 173.

Pennsylvania apparently has a long and not-so distinguished history of voter fraud.

Greenfield said in 1986, for example a Philadelphia councilman named Lee Beloff, who was the son of a judge, was apparently charged along with his legislative aid and reputed mob boss “Little Nicky” Scarfo for extortion of $1 million along with an apartment for his mistress.

In addition, Beloff was also indicted along with his wife and two Democratic committee members for “conspiracy, voting more than once and giving false information on voter registrations to elderly people living in a nursing home.”

Greenfield said that Beloff received a pardon from the Pennsylvania governor for interfering with a poll watcher so he could run for public office.

Beloff had been sentenced to ten years and served six of that. When he got out of jail, he became a Democrat ward chairman.

Try to follow along here. A photo taken of Beloff last year showed him with a man named Ozzier Myers. Myers is yet another “superstar” fraudster and former Democrat congressman. He had been convicted of bribery and conspiracy, and was sentenced to three years in prison for the Abscam scandal.

He was once again indicted this year, this time for “conspiring to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing the ballot boxes for specific candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections, bribery of an election official, falsification of records and voting more than once in federal elections.”

Want more? How about Domenick J. Demuro, an election judge in the 39th Ward, who pled guilty to having “accepted bribes in the form of money and other things of value in exchange for adding ballots to increase the vote totals for certain candidates on the voting machines in his jurisdiction and for certifying tallies of all the ballots, including the fraudulent ballots.”

A Pennsylvania judge, Anthony Scirica said of voter fraud in Philadelphia that “…the practice of voting dead or non-resident citizens is no stranger to Pennsylvania, especially to the City of Philadelphia.”

In the 1990’s, William Stinson, assistant Deputy Mayor to Mayor Ed Rendell was running for state senate, with Democratic control of the Senate at stake. A poll showed that he was 4% behind his Republican opponent and it was alleged that he ordered campaign workers to get black and Latino voters to sign absentee ballots.

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LET Unity

Campaign workers were allegedly given a dollar for every ballot for which they “helped” voters fill in.

In a subsequent election fraud case, evidence was heard that campaign workers had filled in the names of dead people and prison inmates.

The following will sound familiar: when the votes were counted, Stinson had garnered 80% of absentee ballots. His Republican opponent and others thought something didn’t sound right, and when The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed voters, they found 220 irregularities along with another 24 incidents where documents were forged.

In this case, mostly minority voters were targeted, told to check boxes, vote for family members and misled into voting for the wrong candidate. It was found that in one ward, only 15% of absentee ballots had been legal.

“There were probably mistakes made by workers not understanding the rules of absentee ballots,” said Rick Bloomingdale, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and future leader of the AFL-CIO said. “It was all intended to increase voter participation.”

And cheat.

Stinson was eventually removed and replaced with his Republican opponent by a federal judge, since he had been winning prior to the absentee ballots arriving, while accusing the Democrat candidate and the Philadelphia County Board of Elections of a “massive scheme.”

A subsequent state investigation led to charges against Stinson and two Democrat campaign workers. While Stinson admitted to unlocking voting machines and opening absentee ballots, he claimed he never actually looked at them. He was acquitted in just a few minutes.

Philadelphia appears to be ground zero for political shenanigans. Here is more.

A photo in the Public Record features Beloff and Myers entitled “The Good Things We Must Do Must Be Made a Part of the Public Record.” There is also another man in the picture…Bob Brady. Brady is the Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party.

Greenfield noted that Brady is famous for two things—winning every election with over 80% of the vote, and apparently stealing the Pope’s cup. He joked about the latter, “Like I’m not gonna take that cup?”

Brady spent 20 years as a House Democrat, where he served as ranking member of the Committee on House Administration and on the Subcommittee on Elections, being forced to step down after an FBI investigation into a payment of $90,000 by his campaign in order to get his opponent to drop out, while trying to bury it as payment for a poll.

While two of his aides were sent to jail, Brady and his opponent were spared such a punishment. After he got out of prison, one of the aides, Ken Smukler went back to work with Brady and other Democratic leaders fighting to get Biden the win in Pennsulvania. The Biden campaign allegedly doesn’t know him.

Ah Pennsylvania.

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