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During an appearance on Newsmax TV this week, State Senator Douglas Mastriano (R-PA) revealed that he has received no communication from the RNC regarding ballot auditing efforts despite the claim of chairwoman Ronna McDaniel that the organization is working hard to support the election integrity effort.

Newsmax John Bachman asked Mastriano, “Senator, something we heard from Ronna McDaniel there in that statement is that they’re currently working hard for the election integrity effort, but you know, you have been the guy in Pennsylvania really leading this fight, has the RNC been responsive to your needs, have they been in communication with you, what has your communication been with them?”

“Yeah I’ve heard nothing from the RNC, from November until today, zippo, nada, niente,” Mastriano said. The state senator continued, “So I’m their pointman, potentially, for voting integrity in Pennsylvania, it’s odd that they never reached out to me. I’m very accessible, easy to find, all sorts of people get a hold of me. I’m hearing from counterparts in California and Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, but i’m not hearing from the RNC.”

Mastriano continued, “So if they really do care about that here, why haven’t they reached out with me and had discussions on what the plan is, what the lay of the land looks like and hat have you. You know, the bottom line is, we’re gonna do this with or without the RNC, I don’t work for them anyway. I work for the people of my state, and I’m gonna get this done. They want it done, and there are a lot of issues, and burying our head and calling it a ‘big lie,’ shame on any journalist, so-called, who says that.”

“The big lie was them with ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ for three, four years based on zero evidence,” Mastriano concluded. “We do have evidence.”

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