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We have a proven conspiracy between state government officials and Big Tech to censor Americans about the election.”

Big Tech censorship is a major concern for many Americans. In fact, many Judicial Watch investigations have  revealed some of the nation’s worst fears about the censorship of free speech online. What’s more, recently obtained documents by Judicial Watch provide further evidence of the close ties between state government officials and companies like Google. In fact, 165 pages of new documents from the office of the Secretary of State of California show state officials directly emailing Google employees to remove a Judicial Watch Youtube video on election integrity. Reviewing the findings in  Judicial Watch’s Weekly Update, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton described the activities of Google and the California state officials as “making a mockery of the First Amendment.” 

“The government was trying to censor, and successfully so, one of the top watchdog groups in the country,” Fitton continued. As Fitton explained, these findings serve as “smoking-gun evidence of election interference” by government and Big Tech. Many will remember the April 2021 Judicial Watch FOIA request that first uncovered documents showing the Office of the Secretary of State of California pressured social media companies to censor Judicial Watch and other posts about the 2020 election. In May, Judicial Watch discovered that the Office of the Secretary of State of Iowa pressured social media companies in a similar fashion. 

“This is censorship achieved with government intervention,” Fitton concluded. “This is a crisis. We’ve never faced censorship like this before in modern history.” 

If you’re concerned about the government-Big Tech conspiracy, support Judicial Watch today – your government watchdog in Washington, DC.

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