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Jenna Ellis slammed GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel, giving proof she knew about the anti-Trump RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer, telling her to “stop lying.”

McDaniel’s Republican National Committee initially denied being asked to fire its Chief Counsel, anti-Trump lawyer Justin Riemer, by an irate Rudy Giuliani, after a new book revealed that Riemer sent an email to many involved in the legal fight urging them to drop President Trump’s fight for election integrity following the November election, and questioning what Giuliani and Ellis were doing. When Ellis said that the book’s series of events were accurate, that she had proof, and accused McDaniel of lying, McDaniel responded by blocking Ellis on social media.

Following the block, Ellis went and provided proof on Twitter of the email that existed, and that McDaniel was well aware of it. “I’m really not trying to give you a hard time but what Rudy and Jenna are doing is a joke and they are getting laughed out of court,” Riemer wrote in the email. “It’s setting us back in our fight for election integrity and they are misleading millions of people who have wishful thinking that the president is going to somehow win this thing.” The email was sent in a text from Ellis to McDaniel. “You knew,” Ellis tweeted. “STOP LYING!!!!!!”

Ellis dramatically left the Republican Party on Monday following the bombshell story, and called on the entirety of the RNC, including McDaniel, to resign, and that she would not come back until the party decides that it wants to be conservative again. “Even if I stand alone for the truth, I will stand for the truth. A compromised, corrupted majority is not a majority worth being a part of,” Ellis said on her Real America’s Voice News Show. “If we genuinely want to create a more perfect union, we have to stand up for our principles against the corrupted machine of self serving politicians in Washington.” (MORE: Jenna Ellis Is Torching Ronna McDaniel And The RNC, And That’s A Good Thing | NFTV)

National File had previously inquired to the RNC whether it continues to claim that Ellis is lying in her account of the situation, and why McDaniel blocked Ellis on Twitter. Neither McDaniel nor the RNC have replied to that inquiry, nor to a second comment request regarding what happened to the $200 million raised by the party using President Trump’s fight for election integrity in its advertising messages.

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