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The Department of Justice and the FBI should be held accountable for their ongoing misconduct by having their funding slashed by half, said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

“[T]he Justice Department’s been a disaster for a number of years,” Fitton told the John Solomon Reports podcast. “The FBI has been out of control. There’s been zero accountability for the misconduct that we’ve been talking about for years now.

“So it’s no surprise that you have politicized prosecutions that we’re seeing tied to January 6, the targeting of Tucker Carlson, the FBI thinking they can … go in and, you know, take your banking records without permission.”

Tucker Carlson recently alleged that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on him. The NSA released a statement saying Carlson is not an intelligence target, but Carlson insisted they had read his emails.

“[S]o long as no one is prosecuted for these abuses, the abuses will continue,” Fitton remarked.

Fitton urged Republicans to make deep cuts to the DOJ and FBI budgets, if they win back Congress in 2022.

“I would decimate the funding of Justice Department and the FBI,” he said. “They’re not going to turn over the documents, then what do you do? You cut their funding in half. And I say that not knowing exactly what the numbers are. But I’m trying to make the point is that these agencies are burgeoning, but out of control, and they don’t have any respect for the rule of law at the leadership level.

“And frankly, the FBI is a mess through and through its structure … you’ve got too many agents who think they don’t have to follow the rules, because the bosses don’t follow the rules. And there’s this attitude that, you know, ‘We’re the FBI, we can do no wrong, and we can do what we want.’

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