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I realize we all know by now that Bill Barr was a traitor.


He fooled a lot of us. I was leery about him early on, but then I was duped as well, and really thought that he was going to rise to the moment and help “drain the swamp.”

Boy, was I wrong…

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But, I wasn’t alone. While many people remained cynical about Barr, a lot of folks really thought he was going to seek out justice.

And it sounds like President Trump thought he was the real deal, too. Trump thinks that everything changed for Bill Bar when the Dems threatened to impeach him.


I think that’s possible, but I believe it was actually a lot worse than that…especially when you look at how passionately Barr has been working behind the scenes to quiet any “rumblings” about the 2020 election.

And speaking of the election…during his CPAC speech, President Trump dropped a bombshell nugget about Bill Barr – probably the worse thing we’ve heard yet.

According to President Trump, Bill Barr was the one who blocked the Pennsylvania US attorney from investigating the possibility of “election fraud.”


You can watch. the video below:

This appears to have been a well-coordinated hit.

I have a feeling that Bill Barr has been in on this plan for a long time and his “change” actually came as we got closer to the election.


He knew his sham #SpyGate investigation would be coming to an end, and phase two would be beginning. I think he acted accordingly, and that’s why he seemed like he morphed into a totally different person.

I don’t think that theory is such a stretch – after all, this was a really diabolical move by Barr.

What a traitor.

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