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Why Do These People Think They Can Steal Elections?

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All is not well in Fulton County, GA. The steal is still happening.

This time it’s the state GOP involved to help keep MAGA patriots out of the political process in the epicenter of election fraud and corruption in the Peach State.

We have written extensively about the election shenanigans that went on during the Fulton County GOP convention last April.

In short, there was a sham vote, behind closed doors. A new vote was demanded and the old guard was removed from power. But not so fast — the empire struck back, and appealed all the way to the State GOP Chairman; the case was then sent to an appeals board. The result is a 3rd election to be held this Saturday.

But it gets better…wait for it…this time, they are holding an ‘electronic’ election.

Nothing to see here folks…these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

You can read our update on this train wreck from June — Georgia GOP Destroys Election Integrity In Fulton Chair Conflict.

The shenanigans are continuing.

The latest in the controversy is that incumbent Fulton Count GOP Chair Trey Kelly wanted to add 14 names to the delegate list — all Asian Americans — that did not vote in the original convention poll. The effort seemed to be two fold – to change the number of delegates that will be included in the election, and to try and create a racism narrative against the populist challenger Susan Opraseuth for opposing the change.

But Kelly may have miscalculated — Opraseuth is married to a Chinese man. The racism narrative won’t work.

State GOP Chairman David Shafer declined the change in delegates after Opraseuth refused.

The plot gets thicker.

While trying to obtain the list of delegates that voted at the county convention (so they could campaign for the 3rd election) from the incumbent GOP (which refused to provide the list for weeks), Opraseuth’s campaign manager Jamie Parish stated he called Shafer’s office to ask for the list. Parish stated to CDMedia that Shafer’s office staff told him the list had been ‘thrown away’. Parish then requested to the office worker he wanted to tape her answer and take it to the press. The office worker hung up.

Parish then received a call from Shafer, declaring he was harassing his workers and he was never to call Shafer’s office again, nor set foot on GA State GOP Property. Text messages then began to go out saying Parish was banned for ‘threatening staff’.

Since Opraseuth did win the 2nd convention vote, Shafer ruled that Opraseuth would be ‘acting’ Fulton County Chairman until the appeal process was complete, Shafer did not enforce this ruling. Instead, he allowed incumbent Kelly to take over the county GOP database, the delegate list, change the locks on the Fulton County GOP offices, and prevent Opraseuth from entering.

In another spectacle, neighboring Cobb County GOP Chairman Sally Grubbs made a typical video endorsing Opraseuth and her group’s efforts to gain power in the Fulton County GOP. Parish states Grubbs was confronted at a party shortly after by Fulton County Acting Chairman Betsy Kramer, who demanded Grubbs ‘stay out of Fulton County’s business’.

The ‘Election Runner’ software to be used in Saturday’s election will not produce a verifiable vote. Where have we heard this before?

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Editor’s note – CDMedia has contacted Trey Kelly, David Shafer, and Betsy Kramer for an interview. When we hear back, we will post their response.

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