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I wanna thank you. Please sit. Let’s relax and enjoy yourselves. So…

I am gonna be brief because I wanna leave most of the time to Bill Gertz to get up here to talk to people. Bill Gertz, I think, one of the most knowledgeable, if not the most knowledgeable American out there, American writer, about the threat of Chinese Communist Party. But I wanna say something about why we came here today in the commemoration.

One year ago, today, out of this harbor in front of the Statue of Liberty, which is a symbol throughout the world: a freedom of liberty, Miles Guo and other folks were working on the foundation of the New Federal State (of China). We had a global event out there in the harbor and beat into Beijing for them to see on the commemoration of Tiananmen Square(Massacre), which they don’t wanna talk about. The New Federal State of China, in the reason that this is about you. This entire commemoration is about you, and the global audience, and all the whistleblower movement, the Rule of Law Foundation, Miles Guo and all Miles Guo’s moving, Gnews GTV, and particularly you, laobaixing, old hundred names, which is the deplorable of China.

You are setting an example for the rest of the world, because the New Federal State of China, stands for a lot of things, the democracy, and freedom, and freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion. But fundamentally, it stands for one simple thing, the total and complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party, now!

The reason that you are the heroes, the reason the entire world looks upon you, not Miles Guo, not myself, not Bill Gertz, not even Mr. Ho in Spain, and his incredible wife, you know, all the people that are in the leadership positions. They really focus on you because they are nervous. The world’s elites are very nervous. And they are nervous about one thing that the Chinese people after 10, 15, 20 thousand years, have had enough for this. They’ve had enough of no freedom. They’ve had enough of no freedom of assembly, no freedom of religion, and not be able to live their lives in the way that they wanna live it. You stand for the one most important thing in the world today: the freedom of Chinese people. And how that happens is the total and complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party, now!

Why does the Chinese Communist Party fear Hong Kong? Why do they fear Taiwan? Why do they fear of the Rule of Law Society? Why do they fear of the Rule of Law Foundation? Why do they fear Miles Guo, the whistleblower movement, Dr. Li-Meng Yan? Why do they fear Gnews GTV? And most importantly, why do they fear the New Federal State of China? Simple. Because it represents a new generation of Chinese that of ahead it. And what they demand is one simple thing that they’ve told the elites of the world, the Wall Street elites, the elites of the City of London, the political elites, the media elites…They demand something quite simple: the total and complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party.

The New Federal State (of China) offer itself as the alternative for the Chinese people. Here is the reason. The Chinese Communist Party is not a legitimate government. It’s not a legitimate government of China or the Chinese people. It is a transnational criminal organization that so purpose in life to oppress the Chinese people, keep the Chinese people in slavery, and by doing so, partner with the west elites of the world to keep down all working class, middle class of people throughout the world. And they’ve got partners of every government, and they’ve got partners of universities in every cultural institution, and in particular, in financial institutions of the City of London and the Wall Street.

In the power of the New Federal State of China, it’s not Americans, it’s not Europeans, it’s the Chinese people who have said we are going to stop this after 10, 15, 20 thousand years, the greatest civilization on earth, the oldest civilization. We and our generation and your generation are gonna have to bring freedom of Chinese people. How? Simple. The complete and total destruction of the Chinese Communist Party!

One last thing before I turn to Bill Gertz. Miles Guo and the Rule of Law Foundation, the Rule of Law Society, Gnews GTV, and particular, the New Federal States (of China), the whistleblower movement, the quality of people whom you brought here today, you are gonna have General Mike Flynn. You are gonna have Mike Lindell. Mike Lindell and “My Pillow” today is suing. He is suing in federal court for 2 billion dollars. He’s suing Dominion. He is suing Dominion because of the Chinese Communist Party.

He is gonna show in court that the Chinese Communist Party actually did cyberattack on Nov. 3rd election. He is gonna prove the Chinese Communist Party besides being back, the Wuhan virus, the CCP virus out of Wuhan, which’s destroyed the people in Hubei province in Wuhan. Right? They are totally responsible for that in cahoots with Tony Fauci, and NIH, and other institutions throughout the world that help financing and looked the other way when they were doing it.

They are back off Michael Lindell (Mike Lindell) arguing tonight, he is going to show you a short film and he will make a speech to you to show you the Chinese Communist Party is involving that. You’ve got Colonel Sellin, you’ve got Rudy Giuliani. You have Jack Posobiec. You have Peter Navarro. Right? You have Natalie Winters. You have Raheem Kassam. Dozens of dozens of American people throughout the world that are united in your cause. And why? Because of your bravery, your fearlessness your earnest to do the only thing that matters in the world today: the total and complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party.

Everybody realized because, you see, the attacks that Miles Guo has, the attacks Dr. Yan has, you see, the attacks that all the heroes who come forward have. I am about to introduce, ladies and gentlemen, that has been under the attack for decades because like, the lonely voice in the wilderness, Bill Gertz, has the courage to stand up and major media and report day and day out, week and week out, month and month out, year and year out about, the Chinese Communist Party, is an illegitimate regime. It is the extensional threat of not simply to the Unite States of America, not simply to the west. Its number one threat is to the Chinese people whether they are in Wuhan, Hubei province or elsewhere in mainland China.

If you so dare to leave mainland China, not because you don’t love your country, you don’t love your family, but you’ve got to go somewhere you have some freedom and can actually grow and prosper. The diaspora of Chinese people that is the number one threat that is what the Chinese Communist Party looks to destroy. That is why our suasion here is very simple: right now, in the 1st Twenty Century, the world has to come together for one thing: the total and complete destruction, root and branch, of the Chinese Communist Party!

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