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Bernie Kerik told War Room President Trump will be vindicated, and the election will be proven stolen once the audit in Georgia concludes.

Kerik previewed explosive information coming out of Fulton County’s election audit, including over 17,000 “missing” ballots that will expose Trump really won.

“The people of Georgia feel betrayed by Gov. Kemp,” he said. “He and the Secretary of State  [Brad Raffensperger] allowed that certification of the vote to go forward knowing — they knew, they had to know — that that was an inaccurate count. It was a fraudulent count.”

Kerik said already there are 174 batches of ballots, equaling 17,400 votes, “missing” in Georgia that would have put President Trump over the edge.

“It’s going to be explosive,” Kerik said, of the Fulton County audit. “The election was stolen.”

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